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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Palutena – Combos And Moves



Palutena is a balanced and unique fighter, specializing in moves and unique moves. Most of her attacks start slow but do decent damage. Since she’s so good on the ground, her grab attacks are incredibly powerful, while her neutral attack combo is a very reliable move.

Palutena Moveset


Neutral Attacks

She has two neutral attacks. Her first attack deals 3 damage as she reaches out with her staff in front of her, activating the beam of light emitted by its orb. She ended the attack with a swing of her staff.

The second attack deals 0.6xN, 3.5 damage. This attack is followed by the first attack, has an impressive range, and deals high damage if hit.

Defensive Attacks

She has two defensive attacks. Ledge attacks deal 9 damage, while Wake-up deals 7 damage.

Dash Attack

This attack deals 9 damage, of which Palutena

Smashing quickly expands her shield in front of her, and blows through most of the enemy’s attacks, and launches them into the air.

This is one of the best attacks she has, as it hits very quickly and has a unique property that leaves her uncontrollable and uninterrupted from most other attacks. Once hit, it will strike the opponent and leave the ability to track combination attacks open.

Palutena Special Moves

Neutral Special – Autoreticle

This attack deals 3.5 × 3 damage when she shoots a blast of energy at surrounding enemies. The angle of the emitted energy is determined by the enemy’s current position as soon as the move is made.

Side Special – Explosive Flame

This attack deals 1.5 × 5, 5.5 damage. During this attack, Palutena created an expanding flame exploding at a predetermined distance in front of her. This projectile differs from other conventional projectiles in the game, in that the Explosive Flame always explodes in its place, even behind opponents standing in front of you.

This attack is extremely difficult to deal with the opponent due to its large range of effect, forcing the enemy to reposition or take damage with a shield.

Up Special – Warp

During this act, Palutena deformed in any direction, becoming impenetrable during her brief disappearance. This move is an incredible recovery escape tool, but its lag when it lands in midair can cause it to be punished, especially if the opponent can guess the direction of your movement.

Down Special – Counter / Reflect Barrier

In this movement, she acts as a counterattack and ballistic response. On a successful attack, she counterattacked with an explosion of dazzling light, dealing damage based on the enemy’s equal attack damage.

The counter can be used in many situations where you can reflect the projectile at the same time.

Final Smash – Black Hole Laser


In Final Smash, Palutena creates a black hole that sucks on any of her opponents. She follows up with a wide laser beam to damage and kicks anyone caught in the attack. Black holes can capture more victims inside and the beam does more damage to those trapped in the hole.