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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Peach – Combos And Moves



Peach handles it slightly differently in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Her moves have changed slightly and most notably she will not be present as the starter character. In this guide, we’ll analyze all the changes since Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and gives you all the information we have about her as a fighter.

Peach Moveset


Neutral Special – Toad

This attack deals 3.5 × 6 damage. In this attack, their trusty toad enters between them and the enemy, entering as a shield. While Toad is flickering, any incoming attack will cause him to retaliate with his counterattack, a cloud of poisonous spores that can continuously strike anyone in his way.

Side Special – Peach Bomber

This attack deals 12 damage, rockets to the side following her signature symbols. Anything they hit was blown away by the speed hip impact, while the princess fell into midair flight.

Up Special – Peach Parasol

This attack deals 3, 1 × 4, 4 damage. In this attack, she heads upwards with a powerful parachute punch that can throw anyone in the way quickly upwards with a blow. strong. After the parachute was opened, the princess glided to the ground again, the speed of the fall greatly reduced. But you can fall faster by tapping down the button to collapse the parasol.

Down Special – Vegetable

This attack deals damage from 8.6 to 33.8, where she plucks a radish on the ground that can be used as a base projectile, however, they excel as an option. Choose first to be aggressive when chasing an opponent.

Final Smash – Peach Blossom

Huge Peach fell from above, and the boxers nearby fell asleep. The closer fighters are to her, the longer they will sleep, giving her more time to cast enemies or recover health by eating it.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Princess Toadstool may have been overpowered by Daisy’s arrival, but she still has all the radish-throwing antics you want. Her soaring nature gives her some interesting air potential and projectiles combine to be a blast. Also, watch out for that pan; it encapsulates a wall.


She can be overwhelmed, however – especially if the enemy is able to read her aerial game and react accordingly. Try to keep heavy opponents at a distance and use the Toad’s servant’s great face to block any fatal blows.

Peach Changes


She has seen a few small changes since her last appearance, mostly in her animations. There are a couple of great little tweaks to check out, though, including an assist move that could create another iconic Nintendo character to help out. Here are all the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Changes we know so far.

  • She has a new face expression as she fights
  • A heart will appear next to her head while performing mockery
  • A tilt attack a sweep kick has been added
  • Now, it is random that she will use a tennis racket, a golf club, or a frying pan in the game up front
  • Toad will protect her in Toad’s Counterattack
  • Toad appears when Peach grabs an opponent and hits them