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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Pichu – Combos And Moves



Pichu is Pikachu’s pre-evolved form, where a lot of its features are incorporated into Pikachu. Many of his attacks are stronger than Pikachu, but also tend to backfire slightly, hurting him with its own moves.

Pichu moveset


Neutral Attacks

His neutral attack deals 1.2 damage, with its head crashing into close range. This is a quick attack that can be repeated multiple times into a blur, as long as you hold down the button.

With this attack, you can score up to 5 combos just keeping someone in a clear distance with repeated neutral headshots, dealing at least 6% damage, and leaving them in the edge of the range grabbed.

Defensive Attacks

He has two defensive attacks. Ledge attacks deal 9 damage and Wake up deals 7 damage.

Dash Attack

This attack deals 8 damage, as Pichu runs and leaps off with a head blow. This attack causes the opponent to be knocked out for another next attack, all due to its speed allowing such movement.


He has five Grab attacks. The first hit deals 1.3 damage. The forward throw deals 1.5 × 4, 6 and the back throw deals 9 damage. Eventually Throw Up deals 5, 5 damage, while Throw Down deals 4, 4 damage.

Pichu Special Moves


Neutral Special – Thunder Jolt

This attack deals 7 damage, where Pichu transmits electrical energy to send a beam that is launched across the stage. This attack does more damage than Pikachu can do. It also bounces 10 times before disappearing, of which Pikachu bounces only seven times.

Multiple Thunder Jolts can be active at the same time. His Thunder Jolts covers all types of taxiways, from long-range projectiles to regenerative lining options. This catch is like many of his attacks in rapid repetition that push your damage upwards, an approach that is high stakes.

Side Special – Skull Bash

This attack deals damage from 4 / 7.9 to 33, where he concentrates his energy to explode all over the stage, injuring himself slightly under exertion. His distance traveled while following Pikachu’s larger spiral, covering the ground about five dashes. Keep the special input side by side to charge his energy before releasing it, increasing damage and travel distance by an absurd amount.

Up Special – Agility

This is a two-stage air sweep in which he pulls straight up once, then zips in whichever direction you hold. He is slow until landing, so be careful when using it.

Down Special – Thunder

This attack deals 4/14 damage, as he summons a bolt of lightning from the sky that hits it. This attack hits anyone who gets in the way of the spark. After the spark hits him, it will recharge itself and explore its surroundings, dealing high damage to anyone who comes close.

Final Smash – Volt Tackle

With the Smash Ball, safely stored, he is ready to take it down with its strongest move. When started, his rocket launches in the direction it faces, stopping when it hits a valid target along the way.

From here, Pichu moves back and forth on the screen in all directions, constantly touching all parts of the display. The tiny Pokémon’s focus is on the first opponent it hits on boot, but others can strike with any movement.