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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Pikachu – Combos And Moves



The move set of Pikachu seemed barely unchanged from the previous game, though his Volt Tackle Final Smash looked much faster and more chaotic. He has a variety of Alternative Costumes, including a female version with a signature heart-shaped tail, and a Libre-based Costume from Pokken.

Pikachu moveset


Neutral Special – Thunder Jolt

Pikachu says his name and shoots out a burst of electricity. This is slow-moving ammo but works well to maintain distance from an opponent and also to threaten recovering fighters. It does less damage the more it goes long distances.

Side Special – Skull Bash

He can charge and carry a powerful head-head rocket. When fully charged, it can cause heavy damage and is likely to KO. This is also a good recovery move, although its range has been reduced compared to Smash 4. There is also a large amount of latency on landing.

Up Special – Quick Attack

This is one of the best recovery moves but takes a bit of work to master. He takes a quick dash in two different directions, with the second hitting a significant back shot.

Down Special – Thunder

Calling down a lightning strike deals more damage to opponents if the lightning strikes him.

Final Smash – Volt Tackle

He transforms into an electric ball that discharges across the stage. If an opponent gets hit, they will be hit repeatedly. Finally, Pikachu unleashes a powerful spark with a high launch force.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Pokémon’s electric rodents can be devastating in Ultimate. He can control the edges of the map with their B-neutral electrical attacks, and their recovery and full phase control can be surprising thanks to their quick-B attack. of them. He is also speedy and has some great combo potential.


But he is also a tiny yellow mouse, and so it is easier for those who are heavyweight to take it off the stage compared to more powerful Pokémon. Their recovery options may make up for that, but try to avoid getting too much blow on the prover’s chin.

Pikachu Changes


He has had a number of key changes made to their set. You will now escape your opponents using Skull Bash, making you less likely to fly off the map. A quick attack now displays your trajectory. This makes it easier and harder for new players to be for players on the same console, as it will notify your movements.

Volt Tackle, his Final Smash, started with a quick forward dash. If this attack lands, our favorite electric mouse will throw the opponent into the air and juggle them with a blast of voltaic energy.

Fighter Tips

  • Note that these changes can be changed as Nintendo provides patches and updates to the game.
  • He currently has a female variation outfit (identified with a heart-shaped tail), including a Luchador Libre outfit.
  • A new standard air attack involves Pikachu discharging electricity for a few moments, similar to Mewtwo’s neutral aerial attack.
  • Volt Tackle Final Smash is no longer in the player’s control – if the first dash connects, he will dash quickly around the screen and hit the opponent before a final blast explodes.