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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Pit – Combos And Moves



Pit is a very balanced fighter in the game that comes with unique weapons in the combat phase. He is an above-average maneuverable fighter who can jump four times with his wings.

He is also very simple to play and easy to master. He has good attacks that don’t expand his body’s vulnerability options and an easy-to-use movement set. His main strength is the Palutena Palace, although mastering projectiles can take some practice, once you get used to them you’ll be able to bend arrows and coordinate attacks.

Pit moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has three Neutral attacks, where the first two deal 2 damage per hit and the third neutral attack deals 4 damage.

He uses his blades to perform a quick forehand slash, which quickly changes into a similar left-handed slash, to end up with a quick stab attack combo or a heavy launching attack.

Defensive Attacks

He has three defensive attacks. Ledge attacks deal 9 damage, while both of his Wake attacks deal 7 damage.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attack deals 11 damage, where he performs a slash that is best used to counter the opponent’s landing delay. This attack can be actively used to create loopholes because it is relatively secure.


Pit has five Grab attacks. The first hit deals 1.3 damage. The forward and back throw deal 10 and 8 damage, respectively. The Up Throw deals 11 damage and Down Throw deals 6 damage.

Pit Special Moves

Neutral Special – Dark Pit

This attack deals 3.2 damage (8.6 at a maximum charge), where he shoots a rechargeable arrow with a controlled trajectory. It can also be shot vertically or horizontally. If you shoot the arrow upwards, it can be curved left or right. Meanwhile, shooting horizontally allows you to warp it up or down.

Side Special – Upperdash Arm

This attack deals 11 damage, with him rushing forward and throwing a slash across the air and throwing enemies into the air. The Upperdash Arm launches enemies much higher with a sharper vertical angle than the Electroshock Arm but does a little less damage.

While gliding, this particular move deflects the projectile. If done in the air, it has less punch as a launcher but leaves you less vulnerable.

Up Special – Power of Flight

During this attack, Pit soars into the air like an aerial flight path that can be redirected with control inputs. This is a recovery option that leaves you vulnerable to aerial dive, so you have to be careful not only in your position but also with your opponent’s possible retaliation moves.

Down Special  – Guardian Orbitars

During this attack, he shields the front and the back to reflect any projectiles to their source. These are limited shields that break after a certain amount of damage. Once the barrier is broken, you cannot reuse it for at least 10 seconds.

This attack is great for defending the border against opponents who rely solely on projectile for recovery.

Final Smash – Lightning Chariot


Pit up Lightning Chariot and aim your opponent with your eyes before rushing forward and launching any opponent he hits.