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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Pokémon Trainer – Special Moves

Pokémon Trainer

Pokémon Trainer

Pokémon Trainer entered the battle phase with three other complex Pokémon by their side. These Pokémon are Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard, and all three different where you can switch between their abilities depending on the match or situation.

Pokémon Trainer – Squirtle

Pokémon Trainer

Neutral Special – Water Gun

Squirtle’s Water Gun is a non-damage move, like Mario’s F.L.U.D.D., used to redirect items, shots, and enemies. You must charge the battery before Squirtle can squirt its water. The charge can be canceled early by a dodge move, if you need to avoid something coming up.

Side Special – Withdraw

This attack deals 13 damage, with Squirtle getting inside its sturdy shell and spinning in one direction, bouncing out after hitting anything. Squirtle is invincible while spinning, although if anyone jumps on top with good timing, Squirtle will be flipped like a Koopa.

Up Special – Waterfall

This attack deals 1.4 × 7, 3 damage. During this attack, Squirtle suddenly glides a giant cock up like a large ball. This is useful as a defensive reversal, a juggling extender and a regeneration blow. Holding forward or backward can affect the movement of the water ball. After that, Squirtle was helpless until she landed.

Down Special – Pokémon Change

Change to Ivysaur of the Pokémon Trainer


Neutral Special – Bullet Seed

This attack deals 3, 1.5 × 4, 3 damage. During this attack, Ivysaur shoots the seed straight up quickly. The force that Ivysaur had gathered to begin firing was an attack in itself, cornering the enemy at close range into the seed field. Holding input will launch more seeds. Depending on your target’s damage percentage, you can keep them in place with three or four times more seeds than the standard, still scoring hit when dropped.

Side Special – Razor Leaf

This attack deals 8 damage, wherein Ivysaur of the Pokémon Trainer throws a sickle-shaped plant bullet that spins with a variable speed through anything in its path. It can plow through multiple targets, if all of them are aligned. On this particular throw, use the tilt-type input for a slower version that doesn’t move far before disappearing. This mainly affects the deceleration of the leaf end. For a fast, far-reaching Razor Leaf, use a snapshot type input, just like with an attack.

Up Special – Vine Whip

This attack deals 11 damage, with Ivysaur’s Vine Whip’s special ability to change depending on where you use it. In the middle of the field, Ivysaur only increases slightly on the first mid-air use of a certain jump duration. Better to consider this as a powerful strike aimed at the front, more like a mid-air smash, than a traditional special attack. Used this way, it has a huge vertical reach, making it perfect for hitting high-flying and helpless enemies. It also doesn’t render Ivysaur powerless after that, so you can still double-jump or do other actions in mid-air, even another special Vine Whip.

Down Special – Pokémon Change

Change to Charizard of the Pokémon Trainer

Pokémon Trainer – Charizard

Pokémon Trainer

Neutral Special – Flamethrower

This attack deals 2 × 3, 1 × 3 damage. During this attack, Charizard begins spewing flames at the enemy. At first, the torrent was very powerful, but quickly subsided when Charizard’s bellows were exhausted. There’s nothing stopping you from continuing to hold your input once all the force has disappeared from the gust of wind, but the attack will be hard to exit a Pokémon’s mouth at a given moment. When the flame is temporarily turned off, you must stop using the Flamethrower for a while.

Side Special – Flare Blitz

This attack deals 6, 18 damage, where Charizard flexes for a moment, causing tension, then launches the missile forward for a surprising distance, flames and smoke streaks follow. If anything stood in the way, Charizard would inflict a powerful blow on it, launching it, not continuing the long path as usual. If used while standing on solid ground, Flare Blitz would not cause Charizard to rush to the edge of the stage; The attack stopped at the cliff. But if used in the air, all bets are turned off: players must aim cautiously with Flare Blitz while jumping. When Flare Blitz finished low into the water, Charizard had a significant landing delay.

Up Special – Fly

This attack deals 5, 2 × 4, 4. damage. During this attack, the Charizard missile is almost straight up with a launcher. Initial ground attacks are very spacious at close range, making anyone vulnerable to attack becoming more vulnerable. As Charizard rose, some other hits were delivered. Charizard can be steered slightly left or right while tanking with the Fly, though not by too much.

Down Special – Pokemon Change

Change to Squirtle of the Pokémon Trainer