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Smash Ultimate: How To Play R.O.B. – Combos And Moves



R.O.B. is a highly maneuverable heavyweight fighter who is best at controlling the game during the defensive phase. He is armed with powerful Robo Beam and Gyro bullets, forcing the enemy to make a mistake and he to take advantage of them.

R.O.B. moveset


Neutral Attacks

There are two Neutral attacks. He swings both hands forward to perform a two-shot fast punch dealing 3 damage per hit. Since R.O.B. specializes in bullet-based attacks, using multiple neutral attacks is not a safe option. Neutral stabs are good enough to finish off opponents at the black range but don’t do much damage, forcing you to try to hold the position for a short time.

Defensive Attacks

There are two defensive attacks. Fluster attacks deal 9 damage, while Awakening attacks deal 7 damage.

Dash Attack

This attack deals 7 damage, of which he flap your arms to the ground, toss enemies up and away while letting you keep track of combos. This attack is most likely to be punished if shielded, and he also can’t get past the enemy, so you should continue with a throw combo after a dash attack.


There are five Grab attacks. His first hit deals 1.3 damage. Front and back throw deal 8 and 10 damage, respectively. His up throw deals 12 damage, and the down throw deals 5 damage.

Get him quick but not much scope. Most of his throws are likely to follow with more attacks, where his Up throw can be followed with more attacks immediately after the toss of an enemy.

R.O.B. Special Moves

Neutral Special – Robo Beam

In this attack, he shoots your Robo beam across the stage. This beam does more damage as it is charged more.

The Robo Beam can be directed upwards or downwards, while every five seconds you can approach a powerful projectile. This is a very strong threat to your opponent and can leave them waiting for your light. Using Robo Beam with Gyro can put the opponent in front of their toes, making the mistake of trying to dodge your fake shot.

Side Special – Arm Rotor

This attack deals 1.5x 5 or 10, 3. damage. In this attack, R.O.B. creates attacks The arm spins the opponent multiple times, then completes the movement with an aerial punch, sending the enemy high in the air.

Up Special – Robo Burner

In this attack, he burns his burner and flies himself, where he can fly even higher or hover in the air as long as he runs out of fuel.

This attack does not do any damage but allows you to stay in the air, can be followed by multiple attacks, or can be used to chase off nasty aerial foes based on attacks. attack from the air.

Down Special – Gyro

This attack deals 4 + (4.5 to 6.7) damage. In this attack, he pulls one end out and rotates it up before releasing it. The head then flies towards the enemy and knocks them away. The more it gets accelerated, the higher its speed and damage.

The gyroscope is great for taking down enemies. If your gyroscope is covered, it will immediately disappear, allowing you to track down another gyro to strike your victim.

Final Smash – Guided Robo Beam


In Final Smash, R.O.B. shoots laser beams at multiple targets, then shoots out a giant beam that hits multiple victims. In this attack, you can direct the beam up or down at will.