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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Ridley – Combos And Moves



Ridley is a heavyweight but very mobile opponent in the game. He can fling his wings in the air and has a variety of aerial attacks to devastate opponents of all types. He is a very difficult gladiator to defend because of his javelin and capture attacks.

Ridley Moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has three quick Neutral attacks, which is a simple left, right, and left slash that deals 2, 1,5, 5 damage. The third neutral attack knocks out enemies.

He also has a quick Neutral Attack that deals 0.7xN damage, twice he lashes his tail at a fast-piercing machine. Hold down the attack button to continuously pierce your victim in this attack. After you release the attack button, the tail launch will finally knock the enemy back.

Defensive Attacks

He has two Defense attacks, the first is the Ledge attack that deals 10 damage, while the wake-up deals 7 damage.

Dash Attack

His attack deals 12 damage, where he flies and rushes with a bite on an opponent that can launch them far away. Dash attack has a slow start speed, so it’s pretty hard to do in your game, especially when Ridley is good at projectile rather than short-range attack.

Ridley Special Moves

Neutral Special – Plasma Breath

This attack deals 5.5 damage, with him spewing up to five bouncing plasma spheres. The longer he’s ready to attack, the more spheres of plasma he spits out. Although this was a powerful ballistic attack, it had one obvious weakness: while he was charging, his mouth area became weak. If he is stabbed in his mouth while charging Plasma Breath, his mouth will explode and he will take massive damage.

Side Special – Special Pirate Rush

This move deals 4, 2xN, 7 damage. During this attack, he smashes the opponent to the ground and then drags them along the floor until they escape or when he decides to send them into the air.

Up Special – Wing Blitz

This attack deals 18 (up), 16 (side), 15 (reduced) damage, where Ridley gathers energy and they lift themselves into the air with a strong force. From the above, you can choose any direction you want to charge.

This move is the best for anything really, where you can attack from below or above on a platform with an attack from above, or you can hit the opponent with one hit side attack which he dashed horizontally.

Down Special – Skewer

This attack deals 40 damage. This attack deals a great deal of damage as Ridley thrusts his sharp tail forward. If the tail head hits the target, it will cause critical damage and completely destroy the opponent.

The skewer is relatively difficult to defeat agile enemies. Insignificant attacks only deal 5 damage, so you’ll almost always have to hit the spike if you perform this high-damage, high-risk attack. This attack should be used as a punishment for late moves, not to be used frequently as a tool of manipulation.

Final Smash – Plasma Scream


Fly forward, stop anyone blocking his way, then throw them at Samus’ Gunship. After the streak, he shoots a devastating beam that can hit up to two opponents. Enemies with 100% damage will be killed instantly.