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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Robin – Combos And Moves



Robin appears in the game with lots of attacks and spells, some even stronger than other warriors and their abilities. With so many advantages in power, the only drawback is that his usage is limited in his power.

He started the battle with a Bronze sword, after a certain time he was able to access the Levin sword. Levin Sword gives him extra range, damage, and other advantages over Bronze Sword

Robin Moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has three possible Neutral attacks. The first is two upward slashes followed by a backslash from his sword, dealing 1.5 and 2 damage respectively. The back attack can be different depending on the attack style you prefer. The wind attack deals 0.7xN, 2 damage, while the flames deal 5 damage.

Defensive Attacks

He has three attacks on Defense. Ledge attacks deal 9 damage, while Face-Down and Face-Up both deal 7 damage.

Dash Attack

This attack deals 10 damage, as Robin extends his Bronze sword towards the opponent. It has an average start-up speed and has a knockout effect. It launches enemies high enough to not let you keep up with combos.

Robin Special Moves

Neutral Special –  Thunder

This attack can be used in many different ways because of the energy Robin summons. Energy can be provided in four different attack levels. The attacks are listed below:

Lightning: This is a high-speed bullet that deals 5.5 damage, and doesn’t need to be fired.

Elthunder: This projectile deals 11 damage, you need to charge at least a quarter of a second to shoot. It offers more damage and range than Thunder and can be used to take down opponents with a higher percentage off the ledge.

Arcthunder: This ammo deals 6, 2.4 × 4, 8 damage and takes 1.3 seconds to charge. This bullet is an electric explosion that starts slowly but accelerates quickly. When it does, the projectile transforms into an X-shaped effect that damages enemies stuck to it.

Thoron: This bullet deals 2.6 × 7 damage and takes two seconds to charge. This is a beam that travels along the entire stage, dealing damage to anyone caught in the blast and knocking down enemies.

Side Special – Arcfire

This attack deals 2, 1,3 × 6, 4. damage. During this attack, he casts fireball magic, which turns into a pillar of fire upon colliding with the enemy.

Up Special – Elwind

This attack deals 7.7 damage. During this attack, Robin calls for a magical gust of wind to push him upwards, damaging any of the victims above, and placing him in the air twice.

Down Special – Nosferatu

This move deals 2 × 9 damage. During this attack, he summons a dark curse that drains the opponent’s blood. It not only drained their blood but also restored his health. However, this special move can only be used three times in a match.

Final Smash – Pair Up


In Final Smash, Chrom rushes forward, and if he gets hit, Robin joins him to perform a perfect combination of attacks that launch opponents. After the attack, Levin Sword and each Tome became fully charged. Make sure to hit your opponent with that first dash.