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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Roy – Combos And Moves



Roy and Chrom share similar attacks in the game with a few key differences. His attacks have sweet and sour points, rewarding you with precise critical hits, while Chrom’s damage is evenly distributed across his attack boxes. If we go into details about their damage stats, you’ll find that he deals more damage, depending on how well you hit the victim.

Roy moveset


Neutral Attacks

Both Roy and Chrom attack with an upward slash to wipe out all the enemies in front of them. His attack deals 7.5, while Chrom’s attack deals 6.5 damage.

Like a regular stab, this is a fast attack, although it cannot be followed by another attack, neither can it be chained to combine. However, it has good hitbox coverage, where it has full space in front of you to deal damage.

Defensive Attacks

He and Chrom share the same defensive attacks, with the same amount of damage. Ledge attacks deal 10 damage, while Wake-up face and face attacks both deal 7 damage.

Dash Attack

His attack deals 13 damage, while Chrom’s attack deals 12 damage. In this attack, both characters run towards the enemy and slash the victim’s shin with a powerful attack that causes them to fly and go.

This attack is slow but does high damage. The closer the attack, the more damage dealt to the opponent. Whereas if it hits from afar, it only has a slight kill effect.


He and Chrom have the same damage stats as their Grab Attack. The first hit deals 1.3 damage. The forward and back throw both deal 5 damage each. The Up Throw move deals 6 damage, while the Down Throw deals 5 damage.

Roy Special Moves

Neutral Special – Flare Blade

His attacks deal 8 (50 Max) damage, while Chrom’s attacks deal 8 (50 Max) damage. During this attack, Roy or Chrom’s sword explodes as it falls. If the attack is fully charged, it also hits him.

The Flare Blade may seem like a tricky and risky attack to use in a neutral game, but it is quite safe to block the shield thanks to its low latency and heavy shield hit. It is especially useful as a descending aerial move and as a side guard attack, capable of hitting enemy fingers as soon as they grab a cliff.

Side Special – Double-edge Dance

This is a combo attack in which he can switch to slash attacks to launch enemies, take down enemies, or stab them repeatedly for more damage.

Up Special – Blazer

His attack deals 5.5, 1.1 × 3, 8. In this attack, he creates his sword in flames and leaps high into the sky with a slash.

Blazers are invisible for a short time and are invincible to additional attacks, allowing you to blow through opposing attacks for a short time while launching.

Down Special – Counter

His attack deals 1.35 damage, while Chrom’s attack deals 9 damage. During this attack, Roy or Chrom absorb the opponent’s attack and return with an even powerful counterattack.

This attack can be used in mid-air and as a defensive attack against the edge. The amount of damage it deals is 1.3 times the amount of damage the opponent does to you.

Final Smash – Critical Hit


In this attack, he swings his blade around to capture the enemies, then lowers the blade to finish them off in a blast. This attack covered both the rear and front ends of Roy.