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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Ryu SSBU – Combos And Moves



Ryu SSBU comes with specialized mechanics that truly represents the fight of the Street Fighter series. Ryu is equipped with a variety of attacks, several of which have different powers depending on how attacks are performed.

Ryu SSBU Moveset


Neural Attacks

Ryu has three neutral attacks. The first is the Standing Light Punch that deals 1.5 damage, followed by the Target Combo that deals 1.5, 1.5, 1.5, 5 damage, of which this attack is a three-hit chain start with a stab, switch to the right hand. hit, and ended with a left hook.

His third neutral attack is a Standing Hard Kick that deals 10 damage, in which he sends a circular kick at his opponent in the face. This heavy attack can be used for horizontal inspection against an opponent or used as an anti-aircraft strike against an oncoming aerial enemy.

Dash Attack

This attack deals 12 damage, in which Ryu SSBU unleashes a flying kick, causing the opponent to fly away and fly away. The kicking works in two ways, if you choose the right timing of the kick, the opponent will be bounced and far away. But if the attack comes very late while moving, then the opponent will be thrown straight up, allowing for subsequent attacks and combos.

If Ryu’s Dash is dodged or blocked, it would leave him vulnerable to retaliation. However, it is fast-paced and if you use your attacks correctly it can give you very good results.

Ryu SSBU Special Moves

Neutral Special – Hadoken

This attack deals 6 (7.5) / 6.5 (8.1) / 7 (8.7) damage, where it shoots a forward wave of characteristic fireball energy. This attack comes in three power variations depending on how long you hold before launching the attack.

Shakunetsu Hadoken deals 1.1 × 4, 5 damage and the Hadoken version has higher strength, moving a little further.

Side Special – Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

This attack deals 9 (10.4) / 10 (11.6) / 11 (12.7) damage, as Ryu SSBU rushes forward with spinning kicks. This attack is also known as the Hurricane Kick and offers a great option for quickly moving horizontally or to get rid of opponents looking for a way behind you.

Hold the Attack button for as long, the farther you go and the more total damage you do, assuming all your kicks are connected.

Up Special – Shoryuken

This attack deals 13 (15,6) / 14 (16,8) / 15 (20) damage, as Ryu flies into the air with a high jump, also known as Shoryuken. Ryu’s iconic special uppercut serves as an anti-air and bezel restoration tool. Shoryuken’s strength level determines how high Ryu will fly into the air, as well as the total damage of his attack. Like HadoRyu and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, the longer you hold the Attack button while performing the attack, the higher the strength gain.

Down Special – Focus Attack

This attack deals 12/17 damage (max plus point), as Ryu moves into a meditative squatting pose, concentrating his strength while preparing to absorb and defend against incoming attacks. Ryu’s Focus Attack is derived from the Street Fighter series. It’s a paid special attack with some unique and powerful attributes. While darting in, Ryu was able to absorb a single hit, essentially ignoring and blowing away enemy attacks.

Final Smash – Shin Shoryuken /  Shinku Hadoken


In his Final smash, Ryu SSBU unleashes a Shinku Hadoken through and through the stage, allowing it to attack multiple opponents and deal massive damage. However, if Ryu was near the enemy, Ryu would use Shin Shoryuken’s upper move instead.