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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Samus – Combos And Moves



Samus is back again in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. She’s been a part of the series from the very beginning, so it’s no surprise she’s in the new game. There have been some changes to her gameplay, albeit very subtle ones. Let’s see what they are.

Samus moveset


Super – Charge Shot

Charge the ammunition while on the ground or in the air. The charge can be kept after dodging or shielding.

Side Super – Missile

Launch a homing rocket. Clicking instead of tilting the joystick will launch a super missile.

Up Super – Screw Attack

Hit the opponent several times while spinning in the air.

Down Super – Bomb

Drop bombs in Morph Ball form. Fly up if hit by the explosion.

Side Smash

She pulled her Arm Cannon back and punched forward with a blast.

Up Smash

She swings her Arm Cannon overhead, firing three short-range explosions in an arc above her.

Down Smash

Crouches down, Samus turned quickly with a low sweep.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Metroid’s bounty hunter has received a lot of quality of life help in Ultimate. Her game plan is all about keeping opponents at hand, using an array of long-range weapons and gadgets to eliminate before rushing in to perform a smash. Her Ultimate is faster and more powerful, so if you like playing long-range fighters, you’ll find a lot to love.


However, she had little difficulty as the fighters closed the gap. Her close-range moves can be interrupted by faster blows and her attacks are slightly more punitive than other warriors. Retaining the enemy is the key to her success.

Dark Samus Strengths & Weaknesses

Please wait a moment to get our thoughts on the Dark version’s strengths and weaknesses.

Remember that she is normally the starting warrior in Smash Ultimate, so players should be able to roleplay her in no time.

Samus Changes

She has some good changes. First, her Charge Shot can actually be charged while she’s flying in the air. However, you can still cancel the process by re-jumping or dodging. It is also charged faster and deals more damage when fully charged.

Super Rockets (touch rockets) move faster but now hover for a while before moving forward. They have also been slightly stronger.

Zero Laser, her Final Smash, is so powerful that it can now escape behind her outfit. This exhaust damages the enemies behind her.

Dark Samus Changes

Dark Samus is a new Echo Fighter of the regular one. Most of her changes, besides the motion differences Nintendo designates, are visual (such as new taunts). These have a very small effect on gameplay, mainly when it comes to her hitbox.

Fighter Tips

  • Use Samus bombs constantly, they’re great for slowing down your activity.
  • If the enemy is trying to climb back to the stage, drop a bomb at the edge and then shoot a fully charged special B. This will instantly break the opponent’s shield and stun them.
  • The Up Special can be used to juggle opponents.
  • Down Smash is an exceptionally easy-to-use Meteor Smash.
  • The Dash attack caused a massive backslash
  • You can use the lanyard to go back to the edge.
  • Then grab it to start an easy move that turns into a juggling game.
  • Up Smash can be used to intercept an opponent from the air