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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Sheik – Combos And Moves



Sheik is an assassin with lightning-fast attacks, breathtaking ground speed, and incredible aerial mobility. This guide will focus on her attacks like neutral attack, special attack, and ground attack. We’ll also detail the amount of damage each attack deals to your opponent. In the end, we’ll end up with what her final smash looks like and how it inflicts your enemy.

Sheik moveset


Neutral Attacks

She has three Neutral attacks. The first is a quick stab that deals 2 damage, and the stab is so fast it can be repeated as a combo. Her jabs can be used both defense and offense.

If you chase her stabs with neutral air, forward air, and tilt attack, this will allow you to keep the attack pressure safely. The only thing she lacks in her stabs is that she doesn’t have enough range, but this can be forgiven as her speed allows her to plunge at any moment she wants.

Defensive Attacks

Sheik has two defensive attacks. Her Ledge attacks deal 9 damage, while her Wake up attacks deal 7 damage.

Dash Attack

She uses her high-speed launch momentum to perform a slashing attack with her fingertips to hit enemies in the air, dealing 7 damage. This attack knocks the enemy away from you, disabling combos

This attack should be used when the opponent is retreating and they turn their backs on you. If not, you’d better use a dash that is tilted or tilted downward or even a sharp tip.

Special Moves


Neutral Special – Needle Storm

This attack deals 1.5xN damage (up to 6). In this attack, Sheik throws a needle between her fingers and throws it directly forward, piercing the opponent. If she threw the needles out of the air, they might be diverted in a downward direction. The closer the needle hit, the higher the damage done to the opponent.

Side Special – Burst Grenade

This attack deals 1 in a vacuum, 12.6 damage when exploding. During this attack, she throws a grenade, attached to a chain, at the enemy. After a full second, she pulled the latch attached to the chain to detonate the grenade. The grenade explosion is special in that it pulls an opponent according to its gravity before exploding to make the opponent fly.

Up Special – Vanish

This attack deals 12, 5 damage. In this attack, she drops a bomb on her location and disappears, then reappears after another damaging blast.

Vanish is one of the best recovery options. She is the only fighter able to pass the moment of temporary vulnerability as soon as the fighter grabs the ledge before they become invisible when hanged.

Down Special – Bouncing Fish

This attack deals 11 damage, where Sheik performs an air-fill kick at the enemy and hits them with a double heel kick, flipping her opponent into a unique flip kick other. Playback’s trajectory can be changed from left to right. You can deceive your opponent with a Fiery Fish Shooter by holding the opposite direction as soon as you leave the ground.

Final Smash – Sheikah Dance

She rushes forward and attacks an opponent in her lane. When attacked, the opponent is surrounded by darkness, and Sheik unleashes multiple attacks quickly. The final attack can also attack other opponents.