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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Shulk – Combos And Moves



Shulk is a combat shooter wielding the legendary Monado sword, and his features revolve around activating Monado Arts, helping to modify his properties in many ways. Most of his attacks cover a large area with exaggerated and rotating arcs.

Shulk Moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has three neutral attacks. The first is a quick stab that deals 2 damage, followed by a circular kick that deals 1.5 damage. The third attack that ends the entire chain is an upper slash of Monado that deals 5 damage.

Defensive Attacks

He has two defensive attacks. The first is Ledge attacks that deal 9 damage, while Wake-up deals 7 damage.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attack deals 12.5 damage while dashing, he swings Monado in front of him, causing opponents to fly and fly into the sky.

His Dash attack has good range and works best with upcoming attacks. But if it is shielded. It can be punished, which is why keeping a little distance between Shulk and opponents is recommended.


He has 5 attacks on Grab. His first hit deals 1.3 damage. Front and Back Throws deal 8 and 9 damage, respectively. The upshot deals 7 damage and the down shot deals 5.5 damage.

His neck attack involves hitting his victim with the butt of the Monado’s blade. Both his up and down pitches get you through the mix. When it comes to front and back throws, at enemy high damage values ​​you have a much higher chance of taking them down when Smash Art is active.

Shulk Special Moves

Neutral Special –  Monado Arts

This special attack has a lot of variations in it. Where your input determines the type of special ability you want to activate. If you decide to cancel the active Monado work, you can quickly touch the neutral special three times in a row.

Side Special – Back Slash

This attack deals 10 (16.8) damage, where Shulk leaps forward and slashes his victim with a jump sword. This move deals more damage if you hit them from behind.

Since this jump attack stays active until you land, activating it while in the air can leave you stuck until it lands, which can be risky.

Up Special – Air Slash

This attack deals 6, 5.5 damage, where he drives the Monado into the sky, launches enemies into the air with a flying slash, then hits them out of the sky with a traverse blow.

Down Special – Vision

This attack deals 10 damage, where he dodges the upcoming attack with a step back, then leaps forward with a Monado swing. This parry move is very simple. If you can predict and summon an enemy attack, you can punish them with a high-damage retaliation. The enemy attacks the frozen in place frame for a short while he winds up and hits them with his swing.

Final Smash – Chain Attack


Shulk quickly shoots out a bright circle in front of him, then urges his friends to launch a coordinated cinematic attack, dealing an amount of damage depends on Monado Art in action.