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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Simon – Combos And Moves



The Belmont Brothers have been added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where Simon Belmont is the legendary vampire hunter, and Richter as his Echo Fighter, shares moves and powers.

The Belmont Brothers have incredible access to whip attacks and powerful retaliation. However, due to the slow roll of the whip, the brothers tend to hit slower than most other boxers.

Simon Moveset


Neutral Attacks

Simon has 3 Neutral attacks. The first is a close-range whip that deals 2 damage, while the other also deals 2 damage. After the first two neutral attacks, the third lead to rapid flames, a spinning whip ends by launching the victim away dealing 1.5 damage.

Defensive Attacks

The Belmont brothers have three defensive attacks. Ledge attacks deal 9 damage, while Wake-up deals 7 damage.

Dash Attack

This attack deals 1.7 × 5, 3.5 damage, with the Belmonts whipping in a tight circle along, hitting enemies in all directions while moving forward. The spinning whip covered the entire body of either Belmonts.


The Belmonts have 5 Grab moves. The first hit deals 1.3 damage. The forward and rear throws deal 7 damage per shot. The up throw deals 6, 4 damage, and the down throw deals 8 damage.

Belmonts have very slow grab attempts compared to most of the brawlers in the game, taking twice as long. And their reach is nothing to boast about, you will find that you will have to rush forward to grab your opponent.

Simon Special Moves

Neutral Special – Axe

This attack deals 15 damage. One of the Belmonts throws a heavy Ax at the opponent. These projectiles can penetrate obstacles, making it an effective weapon for opponents above or below you. In addition, you can also throw multiple Axes at the same time.

Side Special – Cross

This move deals 6 to 8 damage. During this attack, Simon tosses the Cross alone with a variable speed and power. This special weapon spins in a straight line, eventually slowing down before reversing and moving in the direction it was thrown. The cross continues until it either leaves the screen or comes back into contact with the gladiator who threw it in the first place.

Up Special – Uppercut

This attack deals 2, 1.5 × 4, 6 damage. During this attack, one of the two Belmonts produces a very powerful uppercut with an invisible amount of time around the first frame. After the blow, the boxer moves upwards for a moment, throwing the opponent also moves upwards, before moving to the end of the multi-blow movement.

Down Special – Holy Water

This attack deals damage from 2.4 to 2.8, 1.4 × 8. During this attack, Belmonts throws a jar filled with Holy Water. Once the jar breaks, it spills over into the water, turning into explosive liquid within a small radius, damaging anyone trapped inside.

Simon Holy water appears in red flames, while Richter’s has icy blue.

Only one pot can be activated at a time, but it leaves you with the option to track the attack with combo attacks, possibly Special Cut moves.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is no directional input to throw the jars of Holy Water.

Final Smash – Grand Cross


During the final attack, Simon unleashes an attack that causes the green Dracula’s coffin in the middle to expand and suck anyone nearby in a large radius. In this coffin trap, multiple enemies can be swallowed up and deal heavy damage while trapped inside.