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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Snake – Combos And Moves



Snake enters the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with loads of delayed explosive threats that he can layer across the screen, creating waves of explosions and uncertainty against enemies about when and where the next blast will be.

He could have two Hand grenades bouncing around or two bouncing mortars for impact. Once these attacks begin, he can assist them by rushing in with these slow but powerful aerial moves, or by adding another blast by launching the slow but devastating RPG of me.

Snake moveset


Neural Attacks

He has three neutral attacks. The first two attacks are two quick blows that deal 2.5 damage per hit. While the initial impact was quick, it wasn’t the fastest in the game. 3rd neutral attack he deals 6 damage to opponents with this knee attack.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attack deals 11 damage of which from a fight, Snake leaps forward with a quick attack. Hit early in the attack will launch the opponent forward while hitting them when the finishing blow flips them right above his shoulder. He also fully bent down after this move, able to avoid an opponent’s counterattack.


He has 5 Grab attacks. First Grab attack 1.3 damage. Followed by Throws and Rear Throw both deal 9 damage. Eventually Throw Up deals 7, 4 damage, while Throw Down deals 9 damage.

Although his throws are unusual, both his back and forward throws throw the victim off the floor for momentum, and the bounce puts them in a juggling position in the air. The down throw is an attack that causes him to lay his opponent flat on the ground, then can continue his attack as they try to get up.

Snake Special Moves

Neutral Special – Hand Grenade

This attack deals 2, 9 damage when he takes out a grenade, pulls out its pin and throws it forward or back at the opponent. These grenades have a two-second timer that starts in his hand and can also explode on hand.

You can throw up to two active grenades at the enemy and he can even pick up the grenades after the first time he throws them, which makes things more interesting and gives ability.

Side Special – Remote Missile

This attack deals 14 damage, in which he takes his trusty Nikita launcher, which can remotely control a nimble rocket across the stage. When launched, you can remotely control the missile to anywhere.

Up Special – Cypher

This attack deals 6 damage, as he overtakes a Cypher drone. This is his main restorative move, as it achieves enormous heights. Cypher can be controlled left or right and release him when it cannot take him any higher. It doesn’t leave him powerless when it’s over; after release, he can use any usual air action except double jump or special reuse.

You can drop the Cypher early on the way up by pressing it down or by doing aerial manipulation to cancel it. Cypher keeps going up as a weak projectile hits as Snake flies down, but this hit is mostly random. The best Cypher is seen as a pure restoration tactic, like Villager’s and Isabelle’s Balloon Trip.

Down Special – C4

This attack deals 17 damage, where he places a bomb and detonates it from afar. He can place them on a surface, on a platform or even on an opponent. When C4 reaches its position, another special will detonate it, dealing heavy damage.

Final Smash – Covering Fire


This attack is the widescreen version of Rocket Remote, where Snake targets anyone and everyone with his rocket. You can drag the box through as many challenges as possible to lock the target. Next up is a flurry of rockets flying straight at all locked targets.