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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Sonic – Combos And Moves



Sonic enters the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by becoming the fastest fighter in the game, and also have a different fighting style from other warriors in the game.

Without a doubt, he has the fastest glide attack in the game, which makes him very effective at punishing remote attacks. He can also run and come to a stop very quickly.

Sonic moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has three neutral attacks. The first two hits are two quick stabs that deal 2 and 1.5 damage. On the third attack, stabs are followed by a sidekick that pushes the opponent away.

His neutral attacks leave more opportunities for one attack or the next combo, where you can track neutral attacks with Spin Charge, Spin Dash, or a brief.

Dash Attack

This attack deals 6 damage, where Sonic runs and charges enemies with a powerful kick. This is a risky attack if shielded, however, it can be avoided if you get past the enemy. You can only pass through an enemy if you trigger this attack very close to the opponent, almost indicating the gap.

However, if you do get hit at a later stage of your attack, you can continue with an aerial attack.

Defensive Attacks

He has 3 defensive attacks. The first is the Ledge attack that deals 9 points of damage. The second is a direct attack that deals 7 damage, while the third is a direct attack that deals 6 damage.


He has 5 attacks. The first kick deals 1.3 damage. The forward and rear throws deal 7 damage each. Ultimately, the up throw deals 6 damage, while the down throw deals 8 damage.

Sonic Special Moves

Neutral Special – Homing Attack

This attack deals 7 to 20 damage, where he transforms into a ball, leaps into the air, and gathers speed and power, to unleash a spinning attack on an approaching opponent.

This attack has a movement lock effect but can be risky to throw it indiscriminately. If this attack is shielded, you will pop out in a vulnerable state for a while.

Side Special – Spin Dash

This attack deals 5 damage for jumping, 7 to 11 damage on scrolling, 3 damage for canceling the jump. In this attack, spinning into a ball and jumping forward with a swirling attack, lands with the high speed of rotation that he uses to smash enemies.

Once you’ve fully charged Spin Dash to where Sonic is engulfed in yellow light, he now does the initial jump longer, but rushes forward, hitting opponents on the ground unless you stop the attack. attack manually to destroy into Spin Dash Roll attack.

Up Special – Spring Jump

This damage deals 4 damage, where he creates a spring below him to launch them into the air. If you deploy the springs while the sound is still in the air, the platforms fall on the enemy and deal damage.

Down Special – Spin Charge

This attack deals 1, 2, 6 special hop damage, and 3 attacks. During this attack, performs his Spin Charge, and after gaining enough strength, he plows forward plowing through the enemy.

During and after the charge is released, you can control Spin Charge in different ways. You can cancel the charge by pressing the Attack or Jump button, causing the sound to fly straight up with a low damage aerial attack/jump.

Final Smash


In the final smash attachment, he uses Chaos Emeralds to transform them into Super Sonic, then he dashes left and right across the entire stage at supersonic speed. The angle at which he moves through the air may vary slightly.