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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Toon Link – Combos And Moves

Toon Link

Toon Link

Toon Link is the third version of Link character in the game and he shares most of his attacks with the other two versions in the game, but with Young Link, it’s much more than that. He is relatively fast and is a maneuverable fighter who specializes in bullet zone control, allowing him to attack opponents who are dodging his attacks.

Toon Link moveset

Toon Link

Neutral Attacks

He has three neutral attacks. Attacks are a three-slash combo, where the first two sword strikes deal 2 damage, and the last strong stab deals 4 damage and hits the victim back.

Defensive attacks

He has 3 defensive attacks. The first move is the Ledge attack that deals 9 points of damage. The second is the Direct Awakening Strike that deals 7 damage, while the Direct Wake up deals 7 damage.

Dash Attack

His Dash’s attack deals 8 damage, in which he chases after his victims with an overhead slash that sends them diagonally into the air. When hit, it doesn’t set you up with combo attacks, however, it does set you up for a potential hit in juggling attacks or multiple bomb and boomerang attacks.

His Dash’s attack is best used to chase enemies or hit foes that are diminishing.


Toon Link has 5 Grab attacks. The first hit deals 1 damage. Forward and back throws deal 7 damage each, while Up and Down Throws also deal 7 damage per hit.

His take attack is performed with his Hookshot to trap the enemy. Wherever you decide to throw your enemy after grabbing will do the same amount of damage.

Toon Link Special Moves

Neutral Special – Hero’s Bow

This attack deals 4 to 12 (max) damage, where he shoots an arrow with his bow, the arrow flies further with more damage if it is drawn for a longer time. The maximum damage is 12 when your bow is pulled back and fired at an opponent, but it can leave you vulnerable.

Side Special – Boomerang

This attack deals 8 normal damage and 9.6 hit-type damage, where Toon Link throws his Boomerang at the opponent, knocking them back. Boomerang was also very popular on its way back.

The boomerang can be thrown from top to bottom by holding the joystick in the desired direction before releasing it.

Boomerang works best if you have enough space between him and the opponent. This is also because Boomerang covers a large distance and it takes a long time before you can repeat the attack.

Up Special – Spin Attack

This attack deals 1 × 9, 3 ground damage and 4, 2 × 3, 4 damage in the air. In this attack, he deflects his victim with a multi-spin combo, which can be followed up with another attack. The next one could happen when he flew into the air with this spinning attack.

Down Special – Bomb

This attack deals damage from 4.2+ (1.5 to 2.5), where Toon Link pulls out his throwable bomb, explodes after 5 seconds, or explodes when it hits an enemy. They can also be activated by fire attacks before the 5-second timer expires.

Enemies that can shield Bom can bounce off. If this happens, you can pick up the bomb and throw it back by grabbing it with an aerial pounce.

Final Smash – Triforce Slash

Toon Link

In his Final Smash, he runs towards the enemy and then traps them in Triforce, where he starts a continuous vicious sword attack at his victim, then uses to launch them out with force.