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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Villager – Combos And Moves



Villager enters the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate word game Animal Crossing. You can play the role of a female or male version, as they’re quirky and adorable, but pack more punch than you might expect.

Villager Moveset


Neutral Attacks

They have three neutral attacks. The first two neutral moves deal 1 damage. And they are simple stabs that are activated only by pressing the attack button. If you hold the attack button on the third stab, the fourth stab will deal 2 damage.

Defensive Attacks

They have two defensive attacks. The first is Ledge attacks that deal 9 damage, while Wake-up deals 7 damage.

Dash Attack

Their Dash Move deals 10 damage. While running, Villager fell and dropped a fragile pot of plants in the process. The plan leaped forward like a short-range projectile, launching enemies on contact.


They have 5 Grab attacks. The first basic attack deals 1.3 damage. Front and Back Throws deal 9 and 11 damage, respectively. Ultimately, the up throw deals 10 damage, while the back throw deals 6 damage.

Catching is very good when Villager catches enemies with a butterfly net. However, the speed is very slow. Once the opponent is caught. Front and back throws are great for pushing them forward or over the edge. Throw up puts them in the air, in a position for you to perform combo attacks. And the downswing will bring them low, letting you perform a Dash Attack.

Villager Special Moves

Neutral Special – Pocket

During this attack, any projectiles coming from the opponent are taken and stored in their pockets. An icon indicates when they store a projectile.

This can lead to multiple attack outcomes, like once you Pocket certain types of ammo and still have access to your slingshot or Lloid Missile. You can launch your own Lloid projectiles, use Pocket to back-fire them, then track the two while sending short jump slingshot rounds, for example. Bringing many strange projectiles to the screen is also the main time to rush in and try to grab it while the enemy preoccupied the shots.

Side Special – Lloid Rocket

This attack deals 15.4 / 7 damage, with they deploying Lloid Rocket to launch through the stage. You can also ride rockets and plunge at any time with the attack, jump, and special inputs. Though you will drift in vain until you land after jumping down.

Up Special – Balloon Trip

Villager is raised upwards, lifted by colorful red balloons. Hold the Special to quickly flap your arms for maximum height, or touch the Special to adjust the height. This special move is almost unmatched in maneuverability but has no attack side. It is also subject to change.

Down Special – Timber

During this attack, they plant a seed and water the sapling so it grows. With a young tree watered and grown, you have a happy little tree. Having a tree on stage will do a lot of things. For one, the tree becomes a temporary shelter, blocking projectiles and items thrown out. It is also a light physical resistance, especially strong when planted on the edge of the stage against recovering opponents.

Final Smash – Dream Home


In Final Smash, Tom Nook comes out of Woodwork to build their Dream Home. Activate an attack near your target to build a structure and anyone else caught in the building will suffer damage.