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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Wario – Combos And Moves



Wario appears in the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a heavy bicker but has the best airspeed compared to others in the game. With his motorcycle, he can quickly fly sideways while in the air, with his attacks from the air and forward both fast and long.

Wario moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has two neutral attacks. Wario swings a stab that deals 4 damage, then a bigger punch that deals 5 damage. On contact, the second punch will throw the opponent into the air, where you can chase them for a potential juggling.

Defensive Attacks

He has two defensive attacks. The first is a Ledge attack that deals 10 damage, while the second is a Wake-up that deals 7 damage.


He has four Grab attacks. Throwing forwards deals 4, 8 damage while Throwing deals 7 damage. The Up Throw deals 4 × 2 damage, and eventually Throw Down deals 4.7 damage.

When picking up regular items, throwing first can also hit other nearby enemies if they get in the way. Reverse throws will rotate the opponent to gain momentum before throwing, eliminating any number of boxers on both sides. The up throw knocked them back with a double fist, leading to combined opportunities just above. And toss them back behind him, not in a position for juggling but ripe for you to chase with a dash attack or jump move as they try to tech.

Wario Special Moves

Neutral Special – Chomp

This attack deals 2.6 × 3 +, 5. In this attack, Wario will bite and trap enemies in his jaws, where you can maximize his chewing ability by crushing buttons. Attack or Special to maximize damage done while chewing. The maximum number of bites you can take is eight, dealing 25.8% damage to opponents, and restoring 4.8% health to him.

Side Special – Wario Bike

He can use his bike in a variety of attacks that can do different amounts of damage, as it all depends on how you attack your opponent with his bike. During this attack, he boarded his helicopter and knocked out anyone in front of him. The attack started slowly due to him being not that quick at assembling his bike. If his bike gets destroyed or damaged, it will take you at least five seconds to use this particular bike again.

Up Special – Corkscrew

This attack deals 5, 1 × 4, 4. damage. he explodes himself upwards with a direct hit on the head, then multiple blenders hit on his way up. After the attack ended, he floated down, helpless until it landed. Pressing left or right after entering special data to make him go in a diagonal trajectory instead of flying straight up, great for using Corkscrew to restore the scenes back to a safe burr.

Down Special – Wario Waft

He can create his waft attacks because he always accumulates aura in his stomach that he can use against enemies. The longer you hold it, the more damage it causes due to the continued pressure to increase. Longer charging times also lead to fast deflation.

Final Smash – Wario-Man


In the final blow, he unleashes his ultimate fart. He starts off by dashing horizontally, so arrange even desired targets with him to cut. If he hits anyone in his first time, he transforms into a superhero montage about the hero Wario hitting victims from all directions, before the leader of him finishes them off with the mother of all the farts.