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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Wolf – Combos And Moves



Wolf comes with the inclusion of other StarFox warriors into Super Smash Bros. However, he is the heaviest of all the other StarFox warriors, he has many of the same special moves as Fox and Falco in their arsenal.

Wolf Moveset


Neutral Attacks

He has three Neutral attacks. All three neutral attacks were combined with claw slashes. He starts off with two hits on target dealing 2 damage, while the finishing blow is his heavy right-handed backswing that sends enemies flying into the air dealing 4 damage.

Defensive Attacks

He has two Defense attacks. The first is a Ledge attack that deals 9 damage, while the second is a Wake-up that deals 7 damage.

Dash Attacks

This attack deals 11 damage, with Wolf, running and stepping his boot into the enemy’s torso causing them to pop into the air.

If you get hit in the early stages of the move, you will not only knock them up but also deal the full potential damage of this attack. If you hit it in the later stages of the move, you will only knock the enemy off.

When facing an opponent with a low percentage, such as below 30%, if you receive a clear salute that causes the enemy behind you to pop out when you cross the dash, you can follow the attack. This attack with a reverse tilt to knock them down to create an aerial juggling trap set up air decoy. In addition, you can combine a clean dash attack with an upright angle, dealing high damage and knocking opponents.

Special Moves

Neutral Special – Blaster

This attack deals 8, 6 damage, when he takes out his Blaster, and the fist stabs the opponent with the blade attached to it, and then fires the Blaster Shot. The blaster shot also acts as a projectile that can be fired from a distance.

As he pulled out his gun, he opened a box that was hit horizontally, fired the gun, and then spun the box that hit the melee target upwards, ending above his head.

Side Special – Wolf Flash

This attack deals 3 damage to Dash and 20 (15) damage to Claw. In this attack, he shot forward and into the air at an angle with a double-slash attack. The first slash as he flies through the air unleashes the enemy for the next potential combo, while the second air slash has a meteor-smashing effect.

Up Special – Fire Wolf

This attack deals 3,5, 1,5 × 3, 5 damage, when he is engulfed in blue flames, dealing damage to any nearby opponent. He then converts it into a multi-target flying kick in any direction, dragging the opponent before throwing them away.

Down Special – Reflector

This attack deals 4 damage when activated and 1.5 times if the projectile is bounced off. During this attack, Wolf activates a barrier that reflects the ballistics. This wall reflects any incoming projectile and increases the damage of the projectile by 50%.

Final Smash – Team Star Wolf


His Final Smash attacks involve him displaying a target box in front of him, able to lock down opponents. Accordingly, a team of wolves appears and supports you by shooting at the target.