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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Yoshi – Combos And Moves



Yoshi is generally a heavy dinosaur-type character that boasts a good cruising speed (A rank) and his short size and crawling stance allowing him to bend down under medium and high medium-range projectiles.

Yoshi moveset


Normal Attacks

His first neutral attack deals 3 damage while his second deals 4. His back attack will also knock enemies away. The two moves are combined together as a two-hit combo with a good killing effect.

His Dash Attack has a damage of 11 and will launch enemies diagonally upwards for further attacks.

When playing a little more defensively, the Ledge attack (9 damage) and the wake up (7 damage) are good options as both are invincible.

Tilt Attacks

His Up Tilt (7 damage) will launch enemies in an up-forward angle where if it hits on 30% on most of the characters, you can follow up with a neutral hop attack. Moreover, the Up Tilt also had a good hit-box and is quick to make.

The Down Tilt will cause knockdowns at a high percentage and is especially useful against Dash Attacks of the opponent.

Even his Side Tilt will launch opponents for follow up attacks, or at max range, for follow-up mix-ups like grabs or Dash Attacks, etc.

Smash Attacks

His Side Smash (15.5 damage) will let him toss enemies upwards or deal damage with a downward variant that makes him dodge mid- to high-range attacks.

Furthermore, in Side Smash, his head area is invincible to any attack. Beat (14 damage) and Down (12 damage) are both unsafe and can be punished when blocked.

However, if they connect, they allow Yoshi to get rid of enemy pressure by knocking them away.

Yoshi Special moves

Neutral Special

The Egg Lay attack acts as his tongue grabs that surround the enemy in an eggshell. While they are in such a state, you can track any attack and you will be invincible. It deals 7 damage by itself.

However, it should be noted that the enemy can come out of the shell faster by moving the analog stick left and right quickly. If they do, they will be invincible for a short period of whatever attack they make to you.

Side Special

Egg Roll will deal 10-15 damage depending on how many times you take down an enemy. It’s best to shrug your opponent’s shoulders by pushing them into the air. He can also jump once during this side’s special attack.

Up Special

For damage of 6 points, the egg throw is a projectile in which you can control its angle and trajectory with the analog stick before starting.

If the egg hits and doesn’t hit anyone, then the egg will fly back from the air to fall, so the thrown egg essentially poses a double threat. An attack can also be initiated while in the air to increase the time Yoshi can stay in the air.

Down Special


The Yoshi Bomb’s special attack can be launched both on the ground and in the air. The first will make the enemy fly a distance that you can track with combination attacks.

The damage you can inflict with the Yoshi Bomb on the ground is 4 or 15 depending on your distance from the enemy.

The aerial variant of this special attack even has a greater attack and repel effect while dealing 12 massive damage as well. The aerial attack version will also break through breakable platforms. by pressing the downward key on the keyboard.

Yoshi Final Smash

The Stampede Final Smash attack will mark the appearance of multiple Yoshi (s) who will dash through the screen to defeat up to 3 opponents on the screen.

The downside is that you can also be one of those knocked off the stage if you’re not careful.