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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Young Link – Combos And Moves

Young Link

Young Link

Young Link is a noticeably younger version of Link that is also in the game. He is a balanced fighter with many options at his disposal. His strengths shine through with his ability to set traps based on projectiles and localize the area, forcing enemies to take damage with shields or attack him.

Young Link moveset

Young Link

Neutral Attacks

He has 4 Neutral attacks. The first hit is a sword slash that deals 2 damage, followed by another sword slash that deals 1.5 damage. If the attack button is pressed repeatedly, the third powerful swirl attack will initiate an upper swipe dealing 0.3xN, 2.5 damage. The first attack knocks the enemy off when hit.

Another quick attack can be used in place of a push attack, dealing more damage and sending enemies into the air. This quick attack deals 3.5 damage to the opponent.

Dash Attack

This attack deals 11 damage, with Young Link rushing forward with a slash overhead, sending the opponent flying away.

Since this attack is unsafe when shielded, using this attack on the opponent will be very risky. However, it is best used to chase down opponents with a double jump or regeneration move. When hit, it only knocks out opponents, with a little potential in subsequent combos.

Defensive Attacks

He has 3 defensive attacks. The first is the Ledge attack that deals 9 points of damage. The second is a Direct Wake up that deals 7 damage, while the third is a Direct Wake up that deals 7 damage.

Young Link Special Moves

Neutral Special – Fire Arrow

This attack deals 4 damage (12 at a maximum charge), where he fires rockets that deal more damage if his bow is drawn longer. This attack is best used when the opponent is bouncing back to the stage, facing the rockets, and making it difficult.

Side Special – Boomerang

This attack deals 11 basic attacks and 13.2 damage when dashed. During this attack, he throws his boomerang. That blow turned on the first opponent it hit, and then returned to him, hitting anyone on its way back.

The attack happens in two different ways in which you can swipe or not swipe the boomerang. The flip version of the attack deals more damage and goes further than the non-dash version.

Up Special –  Spin Attack

This attack deals 1 × 13, 3 ground damage and 3, 2 × 3, 3 damage in the air. In this attack, Young Link creates a multi-point vortex attack that causes the opponent to be attacked for a short amount of time and then launches them into the air.

Down Special – Bomb

This attack deals 2 × 4 damage, where he pulls out a bomb that can be thrown at an enemy and expires after 4 seconds.

There are many ways to detonate a bomb, the first four-second fuses it has, then it explodes. The other ways are to act on enemy fighters or throw bombs on the stage at a certain speed. If you throw a bomb from the air with your head down, it explodes when it hits the ground. Or if you throw the bomb with a neutral attack, it will bounce and roll on the ground until it is detonated through other means, or from its fuse.

Final Smash – Triforce Slash

Young Link

In this attack, Link first traps the opponent in Triforce, then hits them several times before throwing them away to knock them out. Make sure you strike with your first hit to make sure Young Link starts to incorporate her seal.