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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Zelda – Combos And Moves

Zelda, the princess of the legendary Hyrule is equipped as a zoning counterattack. She has had plenty of good ranged attacks, strong sweet spots at the head, and varied targets.

Her moves are more about hitting and running, keeping his style oriented. Her forward and backward attacks deal insane damage and counter-attacks to aerial attacks, but that’s only when your timing is perfect.

Zelda moveset


Neural Attacks

She has 2 neutral attacks. The first one deals 2.5 × 2 damage, while the second one deals 0.2 × 8, 3 damage. Her stabs were straight and neither fast nor slow while focusing only in the middle.

If you hold the attack button on the first neutral attack, a quick burst of weak hits will be what she will do, followed by a straight stab that will knock down the victim and fly away. In the second neutral attack, the more buttons you press, the less damage she will do as well.

Defensive Attacks

She has two defensive attacks. Ledge attacks deal 9 damage, while the awakening attack deals 7 damage.


She has 4 attacks. The first is a Grab attack that deals 1.3 damage. This is followed by Fron and Back throws that deal 10 and 12 damage respectively. Other attacks are tosses that deal 11 damage, and finally down throws that deal 1.5 × 4, 2 damage bringing enemies. into position capable of juggling behind Zelda.

Zelda Special moves


Neutral Special – Nayru’s Love

This attack deals 2 × 3.5 damage when she spins in place, surrounded by a temporary crystal shield. The spinning crystals act as an attack, striking on both sides at the same speed as a quick smash attack, shredding anyone in several hits on the ground or in the air. Also, during this move, if any projectiles are directed at she will be redirected to her challengers.

Side Special – Din’s Fire

This attack deals 3.5 – 14 damage when she uses a magical fireball that flies forward as long as you hold your head-on. While holding the inlet, the flame thrives and can be bent up or down using the control stick. However, when you release the input, Din’s Fire will swell and explode, creating a local hitbox wherever it is exploded.

Up Special – Farore’s Wind

This attack deals 6, 12, or 10 damage as she spins and disappears, quickly moving to a new location in any direction. There was a short hitbox both when she disappeared and when she reappeared.

Down Special – Phantom Slash

There are many attacks whose damage ranges from 4.7 to 14.1, and in this attack, Zelda summons a mysterious, self-made piece of armor right behind her. Once completed, the armor attacks two seconds after starting to move.

Final Smash – Triforce of Wisdom

With the energy from the Smash Ball, Zelda is able to unleash the power of the legendary Triforce. Triforce appears in front of her as a giant symbol, constantly damaging anyone nearby within a large radius. Enemies with extremely high damage (over 100%) will be completely KOed by Triforce.