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Smash Ultimate: How To Play Zero Suit Samus – Combos And Moves

Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus

The Zero Suit Samus is one of the fastest fighters in the game, having only been beaten slightly by Captain Falcon in terms of speed. Not only can her movement speed boast speed, but her injury window is relatively short, which makes hitting her very hard. The fact that she is hard to beat allows the player to risk her by bringing her closer to an opponent to hit off a few good combos.

Zero Suit Samus moveset

Zero Suit Samus

Neural Attacks

Zero Suit Samus has 3 neutral attacks. The first two hits 1.5 damage, while the third deals 3 damage and will knock opponents.

Zero has the fastest strike in the game, which is where her neutral attack can be of some value compared to other characters in the game. If your fast neutral attacks often beat your opponent’s grabbing attempt, you could force the opponent to shield one of your smash or tilt attacks, and more often than not, You can defeat them with a neutral attack for tracking.

Defensive Attacks

Zero has 2 defensive attacks. Ledge attacks can deal 9 damage, while the Awakening Strike deals 7 damage.


Zero has 5 attacks. The Grab hit deals 1.3 damage. Front and back throws both deal 5 damage and set kills and combos. The Up Throw deals 6 damage and throws the opponent into the air. And in the end, the Down Throw deals 5 damage and can also throw the opponent into the air, but you have to be prepared for a potential combo.

Zero Suit Samus Special Moves

Neutral Special – Paralyzer

This special attack can deal 4, 6 (Max) damage, in which Zero shoots an energy blast that stuns the opponent. At maximum charge, blast range, strength, and stun are enhanced. The Paralyzer is extremely powerful and is a good set-up for combo opportunities as this attack stuns opponents for a short period of time.

Side Special – Plasma Whip

This special attack can deal 1,2 × 4, 8 damage, where Zero points at the enemy with his electric whip. Whips can also be sued for clinging to ledges. This special attack does a huge amount of damage, however, this is the slowest attack Zero Suit Samus has.

Up Special – Boost Kick

This special attack can deal 5, 1,3 × 5, 4 damage, where Zero launches himself into the air with a multi-point attack, ending with a swirling kick of the victim. When chasing enemies in the air with Boost Kick, make sure to switch to fast fall sniffing mode to limit your vulnerability. This special attack is also an off-shield attack.

Down Special – Flip Jump

This special attack can deal 8 damage on Head Stomp, and 14 damage on Flip Cancel Kick. In this attack, Zero flies through the air, and if you successfully land an opponent, she will ram in and bury the opponent to the ground, making them more vulnerable to attack.

Final Smash – Zero Laser

Zero Suit Samus

When the clock is full, the Zero Suit Samus drives his cannon and aims its laser cannon over a target reticle. When fired, the laser hits in succession and deals great damage to your opponent. After that, it ends with an energy blast that eventually unleashes the opponent.