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Smash Ultimate: Mii Brawler Guide – Special, Final Smash

Mii Brawler

Mii Brawler

Just like Super Smash Bros. games, you can also create Mii fighters in Super Smash Bros. You can create them in the Mii Fighter tab and more from the main menu. This menu allows you to craft your own custom fighter based on your own preferences. You can also enter Mii fighters here. Mii Brawler guide details everything you need to know about him in Super Smash Bros.

Mii Brawler Special Attacks

Mii Brawler

Neutral Special Slot

Neutral Special 1 – Short Put

This attack will deal 15 damage in the air and 11.2 damage on the ground. For this attack, the Mii Brawler will use Shot Put and throw it at the enemy. Enemies hit by it will suffer serious damage and retaliation. This is great for knocking enemies off the stage.

Neutral Special 2 – Flashing Mach Punch

This is a combination of lots of punches. The complete combo set has 21 smaller punches, dealing 0.3 damage per hit, and one finishing hit dealing 9.5 damage to enemies. He will start with his initial five punches in front. If any of these guys connect, he will take down the entire combo and finish the combo with a powerful uppercut. If someone shields or blocks the original punches, the attack will end.

Neutral Special 3 – Exploding Side Kick

This is a very powerful special attack and it deals 25 damage to enemies and possibly even 28 if you change direction after the move starts. He will need a second to trigger this powerful attack and then attack the enemy automatically after it is fully charged.

You will need to perform this attack as you cannot cancel it when you start it. If you want to change direction, you must press the opposite direction just before Mii Brawler lands.

Side Special Slot

Side Special 1 – Onslaught

This is a multi-hit combo. The first attack deals 2 damage, followed by six hits that deal 1.5 damage per hit, and the last attack deals 5 damage to enemies. He will rush at his enemy and hit the enemy standing ahead. When connected with enemies, he will automatically defeat the complete combination attack on them.

Side Special 2 – Burning Dropkick

This move deals 13 damage to enemies. Mii Brawler will slightly jump a corner and launch a fierce bipedal kick at enemies. This is a very strong kick.

Side Special 3 – Suplex

This is a two-hit combo attack where the first one deals 3 damage to the enemy and the second deals 15 damage to the enemy. He will rush to the enemy and try to attack them. If he succeeds, he will grab them and smash them to the ground in one powerful attack. Don’t perform this attack offstage as you will be KOed.

Mii Brawler Up Special Slot

Up Special 1 – Soaring Axe Kick

This attack deals 4, 3, and 6 damage to the enemy. He will jump into the air and launch a powerful kick that sends enemies flying in the air. If you want to continue with another ax kick about to descend, simply press the special attack button again while you are performing the initial kick. This will deal additional damage to the enemy.

Up Special 2 – Helicopter Kick

This attack deals 3, 1.5 × 4, and 6 ending damage to the enemy. Mii Brawler will jump into the air and unleash a powerful burst of kicks at enemies above him.

Up Special 3 – Thrust Uppercut

For this special attack, he will deal 0.8 damage to the first 5 attacks and end the attack with a powerful blow that deals 9 damage to enemies. This attack is very similar to Ken’s Shoruken! As he soared through the air with a fiery powerful uppercut.

Down Special Slot

Down Special 1 – Head-On Assault

This attack deals 6 and 16 damage to enemies in two powerful attacks. The second attack can only be landed if you use this attack in the air. On the ground, he will only land with the first hit. The Mii Brawler will turn upside down and smash his head hard at the enemy. If executed from the ground, he will rise in one attack. If performing in the air, he would take the first kick and then land on the ground for a powerful head header.

Down Special 2 – Feint Jump

This is a two-hit combo where the first hit will deal 7 damage and the second will deal 10 damage to enemies. For this attack, he will dash forward and land on the back of the enemy standing in front of him at first. If he landed on their heads, he would strike a hard blow and jump back. To perform a kick from the flip, tap forward in the flip animation.

Down Special 3 – Counter Throw

For this attack, he will deal 14 damage with a solid hit. This is a defensive counterattack move because he will take the counterattack. Any attack connected in this pose will be dealt with with a powerful counterattack.

Mii Brawler Final Smash – Omega Blitz

Mii Brawler

For Final Smash, Mii Brawler will inflict a powerful close-range combo on enemies. However, you will need to be very close to the enemy to attack. If there is more than one enemy near you, they will also receive special treatment.