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Smash Ultimate: Mii Gunner Guide – Special, Final Smash

Mii Gunner

Mii Gunner

Mii Gunner appears in the game with an arm that appears to be a cannon or a bazooka gun that the gunner uses to create powerful explosions hitting once and multiple hits.

This attack is hardly the most agile fighter on the list, it can still jump the wall, add some sort of off-field attack. The Mii marksman is equipped with a variety of medium and long-range attack options using multiple distribution systems.

Mii Gunner Special Moves

Mii Gunner

Neutral Special

Charge Blast: This move deals 4 to 26 damage. During this attack, Mii Gunner uses variable energy ammo that can charge and store. Once fully stored, you will have a long-range and extremely powerful attack available immediately.

Laser beam: This attack deals 5 damage, where she shoots the laser straight forward in a fast, long-range, low-damage shot. The best thing about these suggestions is to harass the victim repeatedly with its gunshots.

Grenade Launch: This attack deals damage 0x1, 1.4 × 4, 6.6. During this attack, she unleashes a smoke grenade that explodes one second after landing. Depending on the terrain, it can bounce around before it explodes or explodes immediately if it comes into contact with the target you intend to do.

Side Special

Flame Pillar: This attack deals 2, 2,2 × 4, 2,8 damage. During this attack, she shoots a low damage fireball that flies away. When it comes into contact with the opponent, it explodes and causes the victim to deal with many blows.

Stealth Burst: This attack deals -12.1 to 18 damage. In this attack, her Stealth Burst’s projectile will fly aside and when you drop its head it explodes. The further you move, the more damage after detonating

Gunner: This attack deals 7.5 damage on the move and 14.5 damage when mute. During this attack, Homing Missile clings to the target and explodes on impact. Gunner Missile mute travels in a straight line but deals more damage.

Mii Gunner Up Special

Lunar Launch: This attack deals 7 damage, in which Mii Gunner uses the gunner to shoot the gunner high into the air. Basically, this is a super slow jump until it hits the ground, although the Gunner can steer a bit.

Cannon Jump: This attack deals 9, 8 damage, where Gunner Mii launches the gunner straight at the Gunner with a missile launch kick.

Arm Rocket: This curious special feature Mii Gunner uses purely gun arms to push. Once activated, aim with the joystick to surprise her in any direction.

Down Special

Echo Reflector: This attack deals 2 damage, where Mii Gunner turns on Echo Reflector to deal short damage for a short time. if you hit any projectile, it will reflect the projectile back to the sender with more power than it originally was.

Drop bombs: this attack deals 2, 9 damage, where she uses a timed explosive fired from a gun. The bomb bounces and explodes after 3 seconds, or on contact with the target.

Absorbing Vortex: This move deals 4 damage. This is a variation on the Echo Reflector. Like that special, Absorbing Vortex has a short spark-emitting hitbox at the head, before the absorption vortex begins. Absorbing Vortex’s physical attack speed, however, is not as noticeable as the Echo Reflector’s. After hitting the target, the special will become a vortex that drags any enemy shot.

Mii Gunner Final Smash – Full Blast

Mii Gunner

Her Final Smash is an overwhelming ballistic attack, cutting a line for almost limitless range. Except for the biggest levels of gameplay, anyone who is on your level and within range of the gunner’s arm will be blown away by this focused laser attack.

However, the vertical range is not much larger than her height, so make sure you have potential targets even with Gunner when firing.