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Smash Ultimate: Min Min Guide – Normal Moves, Special, Final Smash

Min Min

Min Min

Min Min is an unusual fighter, having separate control inputs for her left and right arms. For standard attacks, button A controls her left arm, while button B controls her right arm. In this way, you can perform attacks with both your left and right arms, even shooting them in different directions. Here’s a breakdown of all the moves we’ve seen so far.

Min Min Normal Attacks

Min Min

While there are similarities with her special and normal attacks, they are still normal attacks, so your A button controls most of the aerial, tilt attacks, and attack smashing.

Pressing A while in a neutral position will do a great close-range match if someone has entered your normal range. The same is true for B’s exploitation. Hold A you will punch with your left arm, which is always Dragon Arm. Hold B will do the same with your right arm, but they can swap arm styles.

The Up Tilt move is a wheel kick, your forward tilt is just a straight punch and your down tilt is a slide kick, great for covering a bit of distance or starting some combos close range.

Smash Attacks

A forward smash will cause you to bring out your arm, which you can then follow by pressing the A button again to shoot the laser out of your left arm. This gives a little extra range and power, but on top of that, you can also tilt your arms up or down slightly to change the angle a bit.

Your downswing is a split kick that hits both sides and is good in a tack, but your bounce is something special. Even though it’s just a somersault kick, it can actually reflect projectiles. This gives you a really useful defense tool and can also take down people.

Min Min Air Attacks

Min Min

Min Min is not great in the air; it’s none of her business, and it’s okay. Her neutral aura swung her left arm below her. Her forward attack fires off a punch, but you can also use the smash input if desired, which allows you to then change the trajectory slightly and even follow with a laser.

Her aura shoots her left arm backward, with the same input as above but in the opposite direction, while also allowing angling and laser beams. Her aura is great, but will probably get you killed. It launches you down at a slight angle into a dive kick; This could smash the meteor when it started, but otherwise, this is a very good way to get back to the ground.

Special Attacks

This is where things get interesting, at least with exceptionally neutral and special side-by-side. Her especially neutral is like her neutral attack, but you use your right arm if you hold the B button.

Specifically, her side performs the same way as your A strike, but with her right arm instead. It should be noted that the properties of this attack differ based on the arm you have equipped.

To change your equipped arm, you must perform special manipulation. This will cycle between her Ramram Arm, like a boomerang. It has a good range but a bit less power. Megawatt Arm is a bit slower but produces an incredible punch. Finally, you’ve got a Dragon Arm, which is almost identical to the left-arm version, just slightly weaker.

Then we have a special section, which has two different effects depending on where you use it. On the ground, Min Min will launch yourself into the sky, you can even charge it to increase the height and it has some invincible frames. However, if you used this in the air, you would use your left arm to tie to the nearest ledge.

Min Min Final Smash: Arms Rush

Her final blow shot her arm forward in a straight line to hit a target. If the attack lands, the armament unleashes a series of attacks in the movie, ending with the final Dragon attack performed by Min Min herself.