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Smash Ultimate: Piranha Plant Guide – Moves, Strengths, Weaknesses

Piranha Plant probably doesn’t need much introduction. They are a large, canine plant from the Super Mario Bros. series. They are quite iconic. Although it is difficult for us to call them a real ‘character’.

According to Nintendo’s official description of it …

Actually, Nintendo does not have an official description of this particular fighter. That makes sense. It got a bit of a surprise towards the end of the Smash Ultimate press cycle. Technically, they’re also a DLC fighter you get when you buy the game early.

Piranha Plant Moves

Piranha Plant
  • Ptooie (B) – Hit a spiked ball. Hold the button to keep the spiked ball in the air and blow it left or right with your stick.
  • Poison Breath (Side + B) – Spits out a poisonous mist that moves slowly. The longer the charge, the more damage, and range.
  • Piranhacopter (Up + B) – Spinning leaves to fly. Can be moved left and right. There is damage if it is exposed.
  • Long-Stem Strike (Down + B) – Pull into a pot and then pop out to bite the opponent. The longer its charging time, the greater its range of action.
  • Petey Piranha (Final Smash) – Piranha Plant summons a giant Petey Piranha that moves left and right while rotating the cage. Warrior hit by cage will be trapped. Finally, Petey Piranha threw down the cage, launching the fish trapped inside.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Piranha Plant


Check back later for the full strengths and weaknesses of it in Smash Ultimate!


Check back later for the full strengths and weaknesses of Piranha Plant in Smash Ultimate!

Piranha Plant Regular tips

Its basic movement set does not do much to separate it from the herd, as they are mostly real walkers. Its Neutral A will create a three-hit combo on contact, but pressing the button again will trigger a series of bites that will eventually knock the opponent back.

The Up Tilt lacks horizontal range but can act as an anti-air move, while the Down Tilt leaf claw reaches far beyond expectations. Of the three Smash, Down Smash attacks have the most flexibility, swing the pot in a circle around it, while the Up Smash bite can surprise enemies with its horizontal range.

Side Smash activates quickly and covers part of the stage quite well, but the amount of damage done when not fully charged makes it a less suitable option.

Its special attacks are where strategy and nuance really come into play on this character, its abilities suggest some interesting ideas. Its Neutral Special suggests it produces a spiky ball that it always floats with a breath of breath. By pressing the directional button, I can shoot the ball at my opponent, but the lower the ball goes down the tree, the farther it will go when thrown.

This is the main difference, as beginners will try to toss the ball from maximum height and with no success. Its Down special leaves the most to be desired, an upward coil that will move further if it is charged but ineffective horizontally. The PP can tilt its tank while charging the water to change direction, but it still attacks in only one direction.

The Up Special is an important regenerative step, turning the Piranha Plant into a small green helicopter and giving it great vertical and horizontal distance with decent damage if you can catch an opponent in it.