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Smash Ultimate: Rosalina and Luma Guide –Spescial, Final Smash

Rosalina and Luma

Rosalina and Luma

Rosalina and Luma are a unique pair of warriors fighting together to attack the enemy. Luma is Rosalina’s star-shaped partner, who has distinct attacks, her own health, and her own attacks.

The pair’s fighting style focuses on Luma acting as a barrier between the opponent and Rosalina, making the opponent uncomfortable when dealing with two targets. This changes the full dynamics of the battle when the opponent has to approach two targets instead of one normal target.

Rosalina and Luma Moveset

Rosalina and Luma

Neutral Attacks

They have 4 neutral attacks. The first two attacks each deal 2 damage, while the third deals 0.3xN, 2.5 damage with a launching effect, or maybe a single hit dealing 3 damage.

In this attack, Rosalina attacks the opponent at her will twice, followed by either a launch attack or a knockout attack. If you decide to launch the enemy away, Rosalina’s third wrench will get Luma ready to do a head blow and toss the enemy into the air.

If there is a chance for them to attack and take down Rosalina in a neutral chain of attacks, you can still continue the attack with Luma.

Defensive Attacks

Rosalina and Luma have 2 defensive moves. Fluster moves deal 9 damage, while Awakening moves deal 7 damage.

Dash Attack

Their attacks deal 3, 4/3 damage, where both characters plunge into the enemy with a strike that sends the enemy flying away. This attack starts off very quickly, but as she dives down, her attacks become thin, allowing Rosalina to dodge most aerial attacks.

Rosalina and Luma Special Moves

Neutral Special – Luma Shot

This attack deals 5 to 16. In this attack. Rosalina flung Luma forward, increasing Luma’s attack power and locking it a distance away from Rosalina. When Luma is deployed away from Rosalina, it will deal 50% more damage and always head in the direction of nearby enemies, so if Luma is behind the enemy, it will come back to attack them.

Side Special – Star Bits

This attack deals 3 × 3 damage. In this attack, the Luma star shoots three Star Bits in the direction you enter your special. This attack is only best for applying pressure on the enemy, but is quite late and puts you at a disadvantage if covered.

Up Special – Launch Star

This is a move to restore the environment rather than an attack. In this move, Rosaline flew in the air while Luma followed with a jump in mid-air. Although this move puts Rosalina in a state of helplessness when falling back on stage, you can still use Luma to control and attack your opponent to push them away if they come to punish you.

Down Special – Gravitational Pull

This attack of Rosalina and Luma has different damage. During this attack, Rosaline uses her cosmic powers to pull opponents in close, and then forces them into the air around her. This attack also neutralizes all projectiles directed at Rosalina.

Final Smash – Grand Star

Rosalina and Luma

In the duo’s final blow, a Grand Star shoots stars while pulling enemies hit. When the chain was about to end, the Grand Star exploded. During the attack, Rosalina and Luma are able to roam freely and continue attacking enemies in any way they want, while also giving them the chance to attack further.