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Smash Ultimate: Steve Guide – Normal Moves, Spescial, Final Smash



We’re here in 2020 and new content will still roll out for Super Smash Bros. It’s easily the biggest game the Smash Bros. team has. done and so much more. The latest update is Steve, the player character in Minecraft. It’s an option that makes people differentiate whether they’re in or not, but there’s no denying Minecraft’s cultural presence. Like many other quirky characters added to the DLC, he has a set of moves that come with its own mechanics.

Steve Moveset

  • Basic Attacks – Sword
  • Side Smash – Sweep Sword Attack
  • Upward Attack – Axe
  • Forward Dash and Upward Air Attack – Pickaxe
  • Down Tilt – Uses flint and steel to put the ground on fire
  • Up Smash – Places a magma block
  • Down Smash – Uses lava bucket in both directions
  • Down Air – Anvil
  • Throw – Uses a piston block
  • Grab – Fishing Rod

Steve Special Attacks

Your most important move as Steve is Criterion B. Just like Minecraft, you keep it to keep gathering materials from the ground or objects in front of him. The letter B in the air created blocks to stand appeared below his feet. It can be used to block attacks or prevent an opponent from coming to the field after being knocked out.

The B side attack is a mine, which can be very troublesome for your enemies. first, you can charge your minecarts on them, or you can ask him to jump out and force the enemy in. if you time properly near the edge of the stage, they will get stuck and thrown out, especially if they have a weak energy recovery ability like Little Mac. You’ll need some material to create a runway before the minecart.

Steve wouldn’t be pleased to be stuck in that situation either, as his Up-B recovery move wasn’t optimal. It reached sub-average altitude and had a terrible trajectory after he accelerated in midair. He falls over on his face if you don’t get the momentum to fly correctly.

Finally his TNT block attack from top to bottom B. You can summon an explosive right in front of your character and you can create a track if you have collected the right materials. Hold down B as you move left or right. Once you let go, a trap is created. Stand on the foundation to activate it. Make sure the TNT box does not explode early.

Final Smash – House of Bloom


Your opponent will be put in a house with TNT, Creepers, and other traps. It is triggered by a large piston hitting your opponent!

Regular tips

  • Stay Close: Steve is a character who benefits from being around enemies. Walking forward and rushing up will lock many characters until they reach 40%.
  • Learn To Build: Holding B in the air will build a block. Players can use this to keep away from enemies or potentially stop healing on stage.
  • Using Flint: When the enemy is out of phase, use his Down Tilt at the edge. The flames will fall and hit many characters as they try to recover.
  • Mine When Alone: Use his Neutral-B whenever possible. This will help players have more materials to craft better weapons. Use this as often as possible.
  • Jump With Up-Tilt: While on the ground, Lift Tilt the enemy and jump to keep the combo going. This can range from 30% -40% with a lower percentage.
  • Minecart: Minecarts at a higher percentage will leave enemies inside and can throw them off the stage if they’re not fast enough. It also produces a good ballistic trajectory.