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Sniper Elite 4 Guide – Things to Know Before You Start

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is the most mechanically refined entry in Rebellion’s longstanding sniper series. It’s also one of the most complex entries in the series: stronger key mechanics, smarter roving enemies, and a larger map. But there are some tips and tricks you should know before you get started.

Skills on the Shooting Range

Sniper Elite 4

Like any soldier going to war in some unknown land, it’s best to get some basic training before you leave the factory. That’s where the shooting range comes into play for SE4 – it gets you up to speed with all the core mechanics of the game and helps you learn in a (semi) comfortable environment. You won’t have enemies shooting at you, but you will face moving targets and targets on the timer.

Whether you want to better understand wind and bullet drop, test out your submachine gun, or get a few hits in the head with your pistol, there are three distinct ranges where you can do all of that. Furthermore, you also get your performance assessed for each range (bronze, silver, and gold).

Doing well and getting a high score on each range will give you the ribbon and exp, the latter 

Pay Attention to Load-Out – Sniper Elite 4

While it’s debatable if any weapon is better than another at SE4’s lower difficulty settings, it’s clear that your payload is important to the hard-to-shoot “Validation” mode, which combines real ammo physics, realistic magazine sizes, and more. Keeping that in mind, you’ll definitely want to get used to testing your load before each mission if you’re playing that mode.

However, if you’re not a masochist, your reload is still important because that’s where you upgrade your weapons. Whether you’re looking for more accuracy for your Thompson machine gun or increased muzzle velocity on your Carcano M91/41 sniper rifle, your loadout is where you’ll be looking for in-game feats you have to make to get those coveted upgrades and new skins for your weapons.


Sniper Elite 4

Binoculars are the soldier’s best friend, especially the sniper behind the enemy. And unlike some games where binoculars simply get a close-up view of both your enemies and your terrain, Sniper Elite 4‘s binoculars serve a larger purpose: they help you really. Learn about your enemies before engaging them.

There is a big difference in AI bias between a Jager soldier and a genuine Nazi soldier. By scanning the enemy you can see what weapons they are carrying if they are nervous or calm (this affects their patrol route and aggression), what items they are carrying (such as clothes), and even if they have brought the family back home.

Stealth & Distraction – Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is a stealthy and sublime game, but in reality, there are times when shit hits fans. It cannot be avoided. However, the longer you stay in the dark, the better your SE4 experience will be. The game is not built for running and shooting.

Instead, use the environment to help you hide as much as possible. Hiding in the bushes, crawling along the wall, and shooting out a bright light. Create distractions and sneak attacks by unsuspecting (though nervous) Nazi soldiers by blowing up generators or trucks – or even by hurling rocks or using whistles. The possibilities and approaches are almost endless, bound only by your perception and imagination.