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6 Apex Legends tips to help you use sniper accurately at close range



Like any other FPS game, the sniper is also not easy in Apex Legends. That’s why so many gamers are afraid to hold long-range guns.

Things get harder when the opponent is nearby, but once tamed, the sniper will be very useful to increase the number of lives and damage you have in each match.

In some ways, the gun can be considered as a shotgun: ie if shooting at close or medium range, you will deal massive damage, even able to knock down enemies immediately.

Find the perfect sensitivity – sniper tip


To really improve the accuracy when using sniper at close range, you have to increase mouse sensitivity, because this skill requires fast mouse movement speed.

The Gaming Merchant now uses 6.0 sensitivity for the mouse, and if you use the controller, you should set the look sensitivity higher, while reducing the Response Curve.

Of course, this is not a 100% accurate answer, but a good way for you to find the perfect sensitivity.

Do not hold on for too long

You shouldn’t stay in the targeting mode for too long. You need to be able to move freely, and that means not standing in one place and aiming for too long. You need to flick the mouse on the object, and when you move the mouse over the enemies.

Zoom in and drag – sniper tip


As The Gaming Merchant mentioned in the video, there is no way for you to use a 100% stable sniper, whether close or far range, if you don’t create a shooting habit.

To shoot the standard shot in close-range, you should always zoom in, flick quickly or drag the mouse according to the object, then shoot. The idea is to give you enough room to focus on your enemy. If practiced enough, it will be imprinted on Memory of Muscles (that is, knowing how far the mouse is dragged at a distance to shoot the opponent).

Remember, this is not to flick the mouse at the object and shoot. Flick here means to adjust your mind so that you can always be directed at the enemy. You should not shoot till you have the opportunity to correct your mind, to avoid wasting your time.

Use the best scope

This is easy to do when you use close-range scopes because they do not take much time when ADS and zoom compared to long-range scopes.

Remember, there are a few types of “multi-target”. For example, there are some types of 2x-4x and 4x-8x. In that case, you should choose 2x-4x scopes and more.

Using 4x of 2x-4x scope is similar to 4x-8x scope’s zoom, but the ADS speed will be significantly faster.

Use other weapons – sniper tip

Once the shooting has been hit, the next thing to do is changing to another gun to finish the job.

As mentioned above, short-range sniper shots, similar to those hit by shotguns, deal great damage. Your enemy will not have much health, and you should finish him off with another gun before he has a chance to heal.