August 4, 2021


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SofM is praised by the LPL and Riot game

He is the one chosen to appear on the Riot Games avatar

He is the one chosen to appear on the Riot Games avatar

Although it did not mean much in terms of scores, Sunning Gaming’s victory over FPX still made SofM and his teammates the focus of the world in the past week. In the past few days, SofM has always received very attractive compliments from LPL and Riot Game.


SofM is the one chosen to appear on the Riot Games avatar
He is the one chosen to appear on the Riot Games avatar

Winning against FPX helped Suning to secure the top 4 LPL Summer 2020 group stage and became the focus of League of Legends in the world last week. League of Legends Esports is known as the official and official portal of Riot Games, with specialized content on updating information of League of Legends tournaments around the world. Recently in the weekly spotlight of this website, the name SofM continued to be named after the top performance in the win against FunPlus Phoenix.

Recently, League of Legends Esports – the official media channel of League of Legends, Riot Games announced Weekly Rundown video – the most notable matches last week. Most surprisingly, the title line of the article mentioned a series of famous teams: “T1’s winning streak, the top spot for Team Liquid and the magical journey of S04”. But SofM was chosen to appear on the video’s avatar.

The highlight of League of Legends last week revolved around a number of noteworthy highlights, such as the heroic message between Team Liquid and Team SoloMid at LCS, or Schalke 04’s miraculous comeback, from 1 to 10 difference, winning the league. 7 more wins to return to the competitive playoffs of the LEC Summer 2020.


Weekly Rundown: The Clean Sweep | Summer 2020 SofM
Weekly Rundown: The Clean Sweep | Summer 2020

However, the match that is most interested in is still the one in China, where the Suning phenomenon has a fire test against FunPlus Phoenix – the reigning world champion. In this match, SofM and his teammates won a dramatic victory over the Fire Phoenix army with a score of 2-1.

On the LoL Esports weekly spotlight bulletin only updated with a brief headline: “In the last match of the group stage, Suning won against FunPlus Phoenix, thereby gaining a ticket to the quarterfinals.” However, SofM‘s image was taken as an avatar for last week’s newsletter. Obviously, according to LoL Esports, Suning’s victory over the world champion, compared to the heroic rhetoric of the two big North American giants, or the spectacular “escape” of a European team, is a point hit a lot more noticeable.

With the final 4th place, Suning does not have to play the first round of the LPL Summer 2020 playoffs but will wait for his first opponent in the quarterfinals, which is one of the two names Victory Five or FunPlus. Phoenix. 

Besides, there is a high level of hope from SofM‘s fans. Hopefully, his spirit and talent increasingly develop and spread to many areas of the world. Currently, fans are excited when SofM appears on fanpage with millions of likes of LoL Esports. It can be seen that, despite playing abroad, fans in any country always expect SofM to appear in big stages. Will this top jungler be able to appear at World championship this time?