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SofM makes the League of Legend world admire for his incredible creativity



SofM is one of the most influential players in League of Legends. Therefore, SofM’s creative times have contributed greatly to the tactical depth of LPL and League of Legends.


Before SofM joined Snake Esports, LPL seemed to be going in the direction of development very similar to the LCK – Korea as they were constantly buying Korean players in every position. This is also good when names like Insec, Mata, Imp, Deft are all excellent LoL players. However, the downside is that they make the game and approach of the LPL extremely boring, right in the style of control of the LCK.

Everything changed completely when SofM brought a very different forest path from the rest. Having no traditional way of controlling, turning himself into a target-eating “worker”, SofM applied his early, aggressive ganking style and shook the LPL tournament at that time.

Even in his first matches, SofM brought a “strange wind” to the LPL with Lee Sin Ax Tiamat style. The goal is extremely clear to eat jungle and gank as much as possible, SofM always wants to find a way to break the prevailing control play at that time. If you want to do it, the best way is to hit hard in the early game, the weakest time of those who like to control.

And in early 2019, SofM thought up ways and no one imagined to upgrade General Olaf when he got on the Redeeming Chain. Partly because the item is strong, the more important part is that SofM realizes that the general lacks the tools to put immediate pressure on the road. A series of top players in this position in both Korea and China think that this style of play is extremely strong and is the number one priority when playing.


And just a few weeks ago, SofM made the LPL fans wobble because of its landmark creations such as Burning Graves in the jungle, Lee Sin resisted. He knows where his generals are strong and weak and what to do to overcome his limitations. Like Graves, for example, this hero cannot go to heal early, so he chooses to burn it to deal with this.

Or just like Lee Sin, this is the type of champion no matter how much damage you have, your greatest effect is still to kick an enemy towards your teammates. The story of jungle only needs a Warrior’s Enchantment, you want to live long to protect your teammates, and cause chaos to the enemy team, you can only resist.

Although creative, SofM does not show himself as a dominant player or intentionally different people, what he does is just trying to find the best way to win. And the somewhat new gameplay is just another way of winning SofM.