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SofM – The shine of SofM in his career path

SofM player in the LPL tournament

SofM player in the LPL tournament

When the moment when SofM no longer shone directly with indicators or highlights in matches, it was then that his influence was acknowledged in many other aspects than that.

SofM player in the LPL tournament
SofM player in the LPL tournament


Among the top names who are fighting at the LPL tournament, SofM is a special case. He is the only name who has never won any tournament but is placed in the same league with legendary players, Tier S players. But in contrast, he is also the only Tier S player yet. Enjoy the experience of the winner.

In the first half of 2020, the Chinese press suddenly mentioned his name, a person who has spent nearly 4 years with the leading League of Legends tournament in China. Although Suning’s achievement in the Spring Split was extremely bad, he still posted on the homepage of a series of news headlines with all kinds of compliments. It seems that hailing a star when they are at the top of their glory is like praising Phò Ma good-looking, so the panda’s media wants to “go upstream” a bit?

How to SofM confrontation with the problem on the first day
How to SofM confrontation with the problem on the first day

Probably not, In fact, during the four years of SofM’s battle in China, there was no shortage of praise words about him from experts, fans, and players, despite the bad team performance that he wore. how come. But everything has a reason, and he has not been able to win the title despite wearing a cape called “The Reshaping of the LPL’s play” too.

Many people believe that if it was not for the boring schedule of the two Bo5 matches, Snake would have done a miracle with the ticket to attend the 2016 World Championship. The 3 TANK – SofM – Flandre then really showed a combination of rhythm and improvisation.

But then the results of Snake in the following seasons continued to slow down, and after the departure of TANK, the reason given by the LPL’s experts was because he had no good teammates.


In the documentary Unlocked: he released in 2016, LPL’s coaches all said that he has very quick thinking and reaction ability, but in the end, he is still a single player. “. Coach Snake points out more clearly: Alone here is to play alone, meaning that he still maintains an independent direction for himself, and sometimes, he does not put himself in the position of the whole team. This seems to be due to he not paying much attention to the inner strength of the people next to him, a problem that is easy to understand from players who come from single rank try-hard experts like him.

LNG / SS lived on SofM's breath for too long
LNG / SS lived on SofM’s breath for too long

Deadly situations in the opponent’s forest when the distance from the team is too far is the clearest evidence. But is SofM selfish? Definitely not, his problem, at first because of the language barrier, and later because of him and the other teammates, in both opposing directions, we’re unable to connect with each other.

With him, Snake has built a game around the mobility of the forest, when they own a timer that is more standard than the tool, SS’s gameplay is completely associated with big goals in the dark. of the map.

That’s the theory, but it’s not easy to operate. He may be the one who opened a new direction for the forest position at LPLtournament, but once the road is cleared, there will be people coming in, the path that he explored was soon caught up by talented stars. another and Snake’s prodigy once seemed to sink into the saturation level of many other junglers. Not to mention, Ning has Rookie, TheShy supports, Tian is supported by Doinb, obviously, his juniors have a much better platform to promote the game of invading the forest, controlling people’s vision. seniors.

He cannot carry the team, Snake proposes himself, he is attacked by the jungle camp, his teammates also give up because he is busy holding, he has to play the tank champion, the team carries cannot cause damage. From Snake Esports Until LNG, the player is always set in the forest “self-arising”.

But the hard end is the wisdom, the more the Worlds aspirations are challenged, the more SofM will wake up early, still with a lineup of players who stop at that “potential” level, players Go This forest has burst the vitality of SN in many ways, leading to the incredible makeover of the whole Suning collective in a blazing summer.