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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Sol Badguy Special Moves, Instant Kill

Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy is a character who likes to get up close and personal but doesn’t sacrifice a well-balanced set of tools for that. He has exceptionally difficult moves that help him penetrate and an excellent set of rules for setting traps and throwing mixes. Proper conditioning is an important part of his attack plan. For example, conditions for an opponent to jump, attack, or back off when seeing certain attacks open up opportunities to punish these reactions.

Sol Badguy Playstyle

Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy is a well-rounded, short-range fighter who thrives thanks to his good yomi.


  • Great rating: Many powerful, flexible, and special ratings.
  • Rushdown: Outstanding at close range with frame traps and Wild Throws.
  • Attack Knockdowns: Excellent ability to convert almost any attack into kills.
  • High damage without stress: A good start leads to high damage combinations with no stress.
  • Dragon Punch: Volcanic Viper is the best meter-free inversion in the game.
  • Meter Burn: Uses very well both Yellow and Red Roman Cancels.
  • Easy Dizzy: Stun high. Can easily guarantee dizziness out of the Counter Hit combo.


  • Zoning: Difficulty partitioning.
  • Gap in Defense: Sometimes it takes risks to dive into your ideal attack range.
  • Mediocre Mixup Game: Mix-up is very basic. Requires strong reading and conditioning.

Special Moves

  • Gun Flame: The Gun Flame (GF) is an important neutral and attack tool, and is especially powerful when destroyed in the Yellow Roman style (YRC).
  • Gun Flame (Feint): Gun Flame (Feint) (GF (F)) is often used as a cancel option from 5H or 6H on the block.
  • Volcanic Viper: At neutral, Ground S Volcanic Viper (SVV) can be used within range to counter an opponent’s stab to take down, but it is very risky and will only be effective with extended attacks their pain boxes.
  • Knockdown: Bandit Revolver (BR) is mainly used to finish combos into his most beneficial kill.
  • Bandit Bringer: It has a very slow start-up and is remotely marked, so it can be punished easily, either by counter-kicking on launch or being thrown after an Instant Block.
  • Break: Break is a powerful dive kick. It suppresses his momentum in mid-air, making it possible to be used as an anti-air remedy as it descends quickly after lag to blow the fine.
  • Wild Throw: The Wild Throw (WT) makes Sol Badguy particularly dangerous within its range and is a fundamental part of his offense.
  • Riot Stamp: Riot Stamp (RS) is a special risky yet useful move, typically used when he moves backward to quickly dodge and punish attacks.
  • Ground Viper: Ground Viper is the Latin word in the game of Grand Viper.
  • Fafnir: Fafnir is a powerful pressure neutralizer. Fafnir has a long-range because Sol steps a long-distance forward, which makes it ideal for a neutral position at a long distance.
  • P.B.B.: P.B.B. is especially exclusive to his Dragon Install (DI), which is used primarily as an ending combination in DI’s final moments to allow Sol Badguy to safely recover without being impacted by a kill and create space between him and the opponent.

Sol Badguy Instant Kill

Sol Badguy

Like most instant kill (IK) attacks, Branding Breach is especially useful in two situations: When the opponent is stunned and you have the means to quickly activate IK Mode or when the events to be combined into IK. As for the launch of the attack, Branding Breach is actually quite a versatile IK. It has a long amount of invulnerability and a decent hitbox, mainly thanks to the Fafnir-based boot animation. If the conclusive conditions are met, you may combine Branding Breach from a canceled Roman throw on the ground or a Wild Throwing game between the screen, and any corner combination resulting in a shot Fafnir overhead can also incorporate into Branding Breach without the need for a Roman Cancellation.

  • Use Fafnir animations of Sol Badguy.
  • Used to take out arrogant opponents and combine into a guaranteed ending during the match when the opponent is in Hell Fire.
  • Cannot be canceled into normative.