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Solar Ash Guide – Useful Tips And Tricks For Newbies

Solar Ash

Solar Ash

Solar Ash is the latest game from Heart Machine, a studio known for the hit game Hyper Light Drifter. This new action-adventure platformer is set in a massive, encroaching black hole filled with the crumbling ruins of long-dead civilizations and a host of mysterious creatures set to destroy any intruder.

Explore Freely

Solar Ash

Ultravoid is a beautiful, vivid world filled with surprising secrets and collectibles. Much of the game’s story is told through hidden items, especially when it comes to the history of planets consumed by Ultravoid prior to the events of the game.

Not only that, the hosting Voidrunner that Rei can find reveals more about her planet and the mission to bring her and her fellow Voidrunners to Ultravoid. There’s no rush to start the next story, so take your time freely to explore and experience everything Solar Ash has to offer.

New Suits Aren’t Just Cosmetic – Solar Ash

Rei arrives at Ultravoid full of Voidrunners, but they’ve all been missing since she last saw them back on her ship. They left behind caches that not only revealed their state of mind when trying to stop Ultravoid but also rewarded Rei with a suite of their own to wear.

While each suit offers a distinct look that changes Rei’s appearance, they also come with the intrinsic benefit of improving some aspect of Rei’s character set. One outfit can shorten the recharge time of her boosters, while another will heal Rei with each enemy she defeats.

Cyd Stations – Solar Ash

One of the first places players should go when entering a new area is the Cyd station, indicated by a beam of bright red light that shoots into the air. Activating the Cyd station provides the player with a reference point for the weak points of bosses scattered around the area, and also unlocks the various services Cyd provides to Rei.

Cyd can scan for Void Caches in the area, allowing Rei to exchange her current suit for the one she has unlocked, and even repair damaged health units. Although Cyd will speak exclusively in error messages before that region’s boss is defeated, these services are still online even in a downstate.

Use The Pulse – Solar Ash

Solar Ash

Pulse is a useful feature that allows Rei to pinpoint targets of environmental concern. This is useful to regain orientation after getting lost or on the right track to reach the next destination. Pulses can pull up things like boss weak points, active Cyd stations, and doors unlocked after defeating the boss.

Clock is the perfect tool for beginner players who are new to the layout of each zone, but it can still be useful later in the game when trying to find the nearest Cyd station. It can also determine the next area to visit after finishing one, which makes smooth gameplay much easier.

Use Warping Often

Solar Ash

Warping is the equivalent of fast travel, allowing Rei to move from one region to another at any time just by dragging up the world map. While players can only move to areas they’ve completed, it’s a useful tool when re-jailbreaking.

Progression in Solar Ash often requires the player to backtrack through areas they’ve been to, which makes for the fastest distortion of the story. It can also be helpful when trying to find all the secrets hidden in a particular area of ​​the game. Plus, warping is completely free, so you won’t be penalized if you use it often.