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Overwatch – A basic guide for Sombra in Overwatch

A basic guide for Sombra in Overwatch

A basic guide for Sombra in Overwatch

Let’s refer and practice immediately how to play the female Hacker Sombra and attack the Overwatch battlefield with her “crazy” skill.

Machine Pistol

A basic guide for Sombra in Overwatch

Sombra carries an automatic submachine gun that can fire bullets in a wide range at close range

As described, this gun has the ability to discharge bullets very quickly (similar to Tracer) but has a larger magazine and shorter-range will be more effective (sneaking behind for example). Always remember to reload the ammunition fully to comfortably discharge the bullet, partly because with too little ammunition, the spray of the gun will make you miss a lot of targets – especially at long range and medium.

Sombra’s Hack skill

She connects with the enemy. After a short time, enemies will not be able to use their skills. She can also hack the potions on the map so the opponent can’t heal there and speed up the recharge of the health for himself and his teammates.

This is the skill that makes Sombra special and the most dangerous Overwatch. In addition to interrupting the attack and using the opponent’s skills, constantly hacking the healing points will give the advantage to your teammates and yourself. Mostly, memorizing the map and remembering important healing points is the key to mastering this skill. For special interaction of Hack on other generals, look right below, there are more than 30 things you need to know!

Thermoptic Camo skill

A basic guide for Sombra in Overwatch

Sombra is invisible for a short time and greatly increases the speed of the trip. Attacking, using an attack or attack skill will reveal her.

“Free jail ticket” for all players, this stealth skill helps her can escape from the chase of the enemy or fight behind his back, hack secret enemy skills or destroy towers, gaining zero points keep watch … Depending on the situation you can use it for yourself.

Sombra ’s Translocator skill

Sombra threw an instant teleport point. She can return to that spot at any time when activating E again

As well as invisibility skills, this small “box” will help you rush into the battlefield faster, or teleport back to a hacked blood pillar to constantly put pressure on the enemy. However, this is a pretty basic trick for all Sombra, so the enemy will probably look for hacked blood boxes – and if they detect your teleporter box, they will wait for you to return and finish.


She detonates an energy bomb, destroying all enemy shields in the area, causing other devices to stop working (defensive towers) and applying Hack to all the targets it has hit.

This is the highlight of Sombra, helping the team to push the situation back when the enemy team is too tight. A sudden explosion while stealthing will “turn off” everything, especially Lucio’s Ulti, Reindhart shield, or Bastion’s gun mode.

Sombra ’s Opportunistic (passive)

Sombra can detect through walls of low health targets.

This is an intrinsic skill, so you cannot turn on / off seeing enemies through walls. Simple and effective, you just need to find enemies with little blood and destroy them, but be ready to fight because these targets are always ready to fight and find the health pot to recover – so it’s very important to be in the map and to know these positions, you just need to be invisible, go there before the target with less blood, hack potions and kill your life.

Also, don’t forget to use your voice to notify the enemy’s position similar to Widowmaker