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Sonic Mania Guide – Things Players Should Know Before Started

Sonic Mania

The Sonic franchise has gone through many ups and downs, with recent times the series going through more quiet periods. So it’s just a given that some fans are somewhat skeptical about the release of Sonic Mania. After all, the idea of ​​a 2D Sonic title that truly captures the magic of the series is certainly a pretty compelling prospect but, given the string of disappointments Sonic fans have had to contend with in modern times, understandably they would want to check their hype for the game.

Attack Timing – Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania 2

While many enemies can be destroyed by jumping on top of them, some enemies require more complicated ways to defeat them. For example, spherical enemies in the Studiopolis Zone will be temporarily invulnerable as they spin glowing orbs around their bodies. You have to jump into the enemy’s central core when the smaller orbs aren’t spinning to take them down.

You’ll sometimes find enemies lined up across gaps, serving as a convenient shortcut as you bounce from one enemy to another.

Special Stages

Sonic Mania 1

Special stages in Sonic Mania are entered through the giant golden rings hidden in each level. Once inside, you have to chase a UFO while collecting orbs for speed and ringing to extend time on the 3D map. Catch the UFO and you get one of the seven Chaos emeralds.

Just like in the main game, find a way to cut corners as you jump over patches of land, and don’t be afraid to go the wrong way as you’ll find many of the orbs and rings you need in them. Prioritize collecting rings to stay in levels longer and don’t panic when you start to speed up.

Bonus Stages – Sonic Mania

According to Sonic News Network, you can gain bonus stages by passing the Star Post when you have enough hoops and then jumping into the Star Circle that appears above it. They play exactly like the special stages in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 where you have to collect blue orbs while avoiding the red ones. The blue orbs turn into red orbs after you touch them. Rings can appear if you place a blue orb within the perimeter of the red spheres.

Collecting all the blue orbs will earn you a silver medal. Collect all blue orbs and rings you will get gold medal.

Bosses Attack

Bosses in Sonic Mania may look intimidating, but they all follow specific attack patterns that you can exploit. For example, the Studiopolis Zone’s middle boss fires dangerous red rockets but also has blue rockets that you can spin to attack to knock them down and damage it. The Studiopolis Zone main boss will then have specific attacks that can all be dodged in specific ways, such as standing underneath the boss when the sun’s rays hit so you can jump up and cause damage. damage to it.

Drop Dash – Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania

Dash deceleration is essential to speed through the levels. All you have to do is play as Sonic and then hold the jump button after jumping. You will make a small spin dash when you hit the ground. This is useful for speeding through vulnerable enemies and maintaining your momentum on straight lines and small ramps. Just don’t speed off cliffs or run into invulnerable enemies.

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