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Sony Has Prepared 10 Movie Adapted From Its Games


Business in the video game industry is very profitable, but making video games actually takes a very long time. Different from film, which usually only takes 1 to 2 years. Video Games usually take more than 5 years for AAA class. Hearing this, one of the gaming companies CD Project Red decided to make a series. Due to great success, Sony has finally prepared 10 titles for the adaptation of its game.


Various Games Publishers Start to eye the World Film Market

The success of The Witcher, which was released on the Netflix Digital Streaming platform, seems to have sparked other game publishers. Many of them have also officially announced the film and series adaptations they will be releasing. 

It’s tantalizing, considering that The Witcher series, which only has one season, already has a lot of fans. These fans are not only gamers, there are lots of people who enjoy the Netflix Series.

Even so, The Witcher is classified as the most successful. But there are also video game adaptations that have failed in the film market. Examples are Blizzard’s Warcraft and Need for Speed. That is why there are still so many game publishers who are still afraid to enter the industry. However, it seems that they are quite confident that its series will succeed in this industry. They have proven this through the official making of Movie Uncharted.

10 titles Sony has prepared for series and film


Not only is the Uncharted film officially working on Sony, but there is also The Last of Us Series which reportedly also accompanies it. Still lacking, They ended up leaking their next project.

In an interview with CNBC , Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra said that it is currently preparing at least 10 films with titles on the PlayStation. A very shocking information.

He also said that later there will be 3 films that will enter the big screen and the rest will be the TV series. However, there is no further certainty about the titles of the films and series they will release.

 They also haven’t confirmed the release date of the adaptation they announced earlier. But of course we will get the opportunity to see the action adventure of our favorite characters through the big screen and television. 

What will this adaptation of the Series and Film be like? So, Stay tuned for more articles and news!