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Heroes of the Storm: Sonya Talent Build Guide


Sonya is an aggressive Bruiser that uses an alternative resource known as Fury. Her decisive factors are the amount of damage a single target deals with and the ability to self-sustain. Since most of her Skills have a very short range, players rely on their aptitude to position themselves in order to both deal damage and survive.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Sonya



  • Extremely strong duelist
  • Great self-sustain through Whirlwind
  • Outstanding solo laner
  • One of the highest deals of damaging a target in the game
  • Any Mercenary Camp can be quickly and safely ordered alone


  • Susceptible to being kited
  • No options to deal damage from range
  • Excessively reliant on hitting her Ancient Spear

Talent Build of Sonya

Standard Build

Tough as Nails (lv1) – War Paint, Hurricane (lv4), Life Funnel (lv7), Wrath of the Berserker (lv10) – Leap, No Escape (lv13), Nerves of Steel (lv16), Ignore Pain (lv20) – Composite Spear.

This standard construction offers unsurpassed survivability. Main Tornado-related Talents improve your self-sustaining ability while also allowing you to deal damage within the affected area while moving.

Single Target Build

War Paint (lv1) – Tough as Nails, Shot of Fury (lv4), Battle Rage (lv7) – Poisoned Spear, Wrath of the Berserker (lv10) – Leap, No Escape (lv13), Nerves of Steel (lv16), Ignore Pain (lv20) – Composite Spear.

This single target build is a good choice in games where you won’t be able to keep spinning with Whirlwind (against frequently stunned Heroes, like Muradin or Diablo). Also good if there is a better single target explosion damage provided by Shot Of Fury and Poisoned Spear.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

For Sonya, survival means damage and vise versa. As a result, she works well with any Hero that can give her Shielding effects, adding mobility, or dependable crowd control.

Countered by:

Her reliance on Whirlwind to survive in teamfights makes her especially susceptible to being controlled by the target crowd. What’s more, her melee nature makes her relatively easy to fly kites, especially when the Ancient Spear is in Cooldown.

Maps of Sonya

As a powerful solo laner who could also clean up the Mercenary Camps with ease, Sonya could find a spot on all Maps. However, she’s particularly effective on Maps with a few Mercenaries, such as Blackheart Bay, Cursed Hollow, and Garden of Terror, or a Two-Lane Map like Battlefield of Eternity and Braxis Holdout.

Tips and Tricks

  • Since Fury doesn’t decline over time, try to keep it full before skirmishes are imminent.
  • Ancient Spear is her most important Ability; Avoid wasting it unless you are sure you can land it.
  • Use Whirlwind to activate Fury’s movement speed while chasing enemies to keep up with them.
  • Try and keep attacking while under Wrath of the Berserker to maintain its effect for as long as possible.

Role in the Current Meta


Although officially classified as Bruiser, her gameplay is more reminiscent of the melee Assassin’s gameplay; Her high damage is offset by her limited crowd control, reliable match initiation, and defensive skill. 

Therefore, the player should consider choosing her with the thought that she fulfills the role of a melee assassin, and brings at least one other Hero capable of completing the expected functions of a Rook. increase. Furthermore, the Sonya players are expected to hold a solo lane position.

In general, she tends to go head-to-head with combos that have a lot of melee Heroes, such as dive-oriented combos, where a real opponent has to come before her or her allies. to show off well. 

This gives players a chance to attack without having to constantly chase critical targets, greatly improving her effectiveness. She is also a good choice on the Maps with several Mercenary Camps, such as Blackheart Bay, Cursed Hole, or Terror Garden.