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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Astaroth – Counters and Matchups


Astaroth is known as the Demon Guardian and wields his giant Ax named Kulutues, in an aggressive and overwhelming Gyulkus fighting style. His impressive size is commensurate with his equally massive weapon, having a wide but slow range and the ability to pull opponents in range if he can keep them off guard.

Soul Calibur 6 Astaroth Strategy


Astaroth is known for his long-range attacks and damage. In addition to high damage on hit, his special attacks deliver a good repel effect even when blocked, allowing him to remain safe and unpunished.

He can also grapple with enemies for extra damage. Thus, this “Demon Guardian” uses his superior size and strength to remain a formidable foe.


Although you’ll need to move up close to grapple your opponent and make sure they don’t bend over, if you land, the damage is enormous.

For some good post-grappling combos, you can try Flight of the Wicked (HC + A + G) into the Hades Cannon by pressing down and holding d + B. Astaroth can also perform Titan Bomb by typing QCF + A + G.

To move in, use Bull Rush by holding F + K. Hades Knee (f + K) can counterattack your opponent and you can take extra damage with Brutal Grasp (d / f + A + G) also works on a defeated opponent.

There are also armored grabs called Revenge Grabs. They are impregnable for a mid-range or mid-range attack.

Perform Evil Frenzy (f, F + A + G) or Cursed Earth (b, B + A + G) to grab your opponent even if they attack you.

Quick Attacks

Since he is kit is mainly comprised of slow and grappling attacks, you need some quick attacks to alleviate the pressure.

For this purpose, you have the bear Fang (b + B) and Decimation (b + A, A). Keeping input-oriented on these two moves will turn them into break attacks.

Another good move is Hades Split (b, holding B + B) to launch a good mid-attack for a counter-attack and even break attack nature. For long-range you can use either the Titan Ax (d + A + B) or the Flip Titanium Ax (u + A + B).

In the end, since you are throwing attacks at crouched opponents, you need to use some good low-range attacks. These include Smash (d + A + G) and Lava Drop (d / b + A + G).

Both have very few boot frames, so you can use them to counter your opponent’s unsafe moves.

Astaroth Reversal Edge


An inversion edge can be combined with one of the A, K, or B buttons for three different effects:

Next with A, Astaroth can perform an attack that has a great repel or repel attack even when blocking. This leads to an outward ring and even the possibility of a full wall combo.

Following with B, you have access to a pitch that can even push a full-screen opponent to the other side and out of the round. Otherwise, it will bring them closer to the edge of the ring.

Next with K, a safe move is made that you can take next with a Crush or Lava Drop, even if the original move is blocked.