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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Azwel – Counters and Matchups


Azwel is known as the Leader of Mankind and uses miraculously summoned blades using a weapon called the Palindrome, in a Practical Application of Theory and Philosophy. Martial arts. In combat, he can summon a variety of blades, spears, and shields – both of which can appear in magic gauntlets and at the range.

Soul Calibur 6 Azwel Strategy


Azwel is the “Leader of the Mankind” and can magically summon medieval arsenals from swords, blades to shields, spears, and axes.

However, his main weapon is the Palindrome which allows him to do terrible damage thanks to the art of summoning various weapons.

These weapons are not only capable of close combat for melee attacks, but can also be sent in the form of projectiles so your opponents stay on track for distance and expectations.

However, it’s worth noting that he won’t have any movement options while he is practicing the art of summoning weapons from another realm. This is an ideal opportunity for the opponent to punish Azwel.

However, when the weapon summoning mage gets used to making weapons, he will do it much faster in subsequent iterations, so the opponent never gives him a single chance to do that.

Weapon Mode

He is much more powerful and agile when he has summoned a weapon or entered Weapon Mode correctly.

At the start of the round, your attacks will be slower but soon using mystical jutsu, you can enter a specific weapon mode to get your game going. The three weapon modes you can choose from are as follow:

  • Spear and Shield for a defense option.
  • Dual Swords for faster attack and more aggressive approach.

For a balanced approach, you have the Giant Ax so you can shatter your opponent’s protection if you choose to engage often.

For short-range attacks, use Dual Swords’ Heretic’s Sweep by doing d + A while attacking long-range, enter Giant Ax’s Truccious World by pressing f + B, B.

The Ultimate “Almighty” Mode


This is a special mode that allows you to deal devastating damage with fast attacks. You can cancel entering this mode from all the specific throws and special moves listed below:

  • The Pilgrims of Anthropos: A, A, A
  • Seven sages: B, B, B
  • Cognitive penalty: f + A + B
  • March of Humanity: While running “8 pm” press A + B

This mode will also allow Azwel to perform weapon art without having to first summon weapons yourself.

Weapon commands have also become a bit simpler with O, Fallen Scholar is now activated by f + B + K, and Eternal Conflict with b + B + K. Pleroma Ascension is activated just like before, with B + K.

Azwel Reversal Edge

A Reversal Edge can be combined with one of the A, K, or B buttons for three different effects:

  • Next with A, you can launch an aggressive framed long-range attack when blocking. You can also follow the A + direction keys to enter one of the states mentioned above.
  • Next with B, Azwel can unleash a devastating attack with high damage. Furthermore, you can also press B twice immediately after entering Almighty Mode.
  • Next with K, you will dodge all of your opponent’s attacks, but you can only be punished if you do not timing.