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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Cervantes – Counters and Matchups


Cervantes is known as Shell of a Proud Man and wields two swords Acheron and Nirvana, in a chaotic fighting style known as the Memories of Soul Edge, often using a pistol hidden within the sword. mine. He is cursed with other world powers, allowing him to move at blazing speed in wicked corkscrew attacks, as well as being able to vanish and fall from the air onto opponents in an instant ie.

Soul Calibur 6 Cervantes Strategy


This superhuman pilot combination of swords and guns can prove advantageous in both long/close range combat situations.

What’s more, some moves allow him to move fairly quickly and his aerial combos can take them back. This “Shell of a Proud Man” can use his Acheron and Nirvana to keep a profile of attacks and intimidating presence.

In addition, Cervantes became more aggressive and threatening when his opponent was leaned against the wall. He, himself, can get out of it and get out of trouble if he can lean back against the wall.

Playstyle and Moves

To keep your opponents predictable, you can launch safe mid-range attacks with moves like Lagging Wave (f, hold f + A), Bile Lunges (f, hold f + B), and Head Scratch Kick (f, hold f + K).

You can continue to attack even if the enemy is killed with safety attacks like Riot Storm (d / f or u / f, hold d / f or u / f + B) and Gaileon Sinker (b, hold b + K).

Cervantes Critical Edge

Casa de Leviathan, if followed with Critical Edge, will deal heavy damage and cornering. Therefore, if the attack itself doesn’t deal enough damage, it creates the possibility of having more attack options at the wall.

Cervantes can then use wall-matching moves like Black Flame and Nautilus Sail.

Soul Edge

You can cancel into SC6 Soul Edge from the same Dread Storm active moves.

In addition, Soul Edge will increase the movement speed of the Dark Flame and will add teleport effects to most moves to keep them free of punishment.

One example is Deep Sea Storm Flare which you can activate by pressing B four times in succession under Soul Edge.

Cervantes Reversal Edge


An inversion edge can be combined with one of the A, K, or B buttons for three different effects:

  • Next with K, you will do a kick and swap places for your opponent, so never be afraid of being cornered or thrown off the ring.
  • Next with A, two potential combos can be unleashed, one with A, or if Cervantes hit a critical hit, you can press A, B to do good damage. Even when blocked, you can press A once to take charge of Dread Charge.
  • Next to B, this is most effective against airborne opponents and punishes them properly. This vertical attack can be turned into an Ignition move in Black Storm, just by holding the same B button, although you need to be out of sight. The damage is well deserved.