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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Geralt – Counters and Matchups

Geralt is known as the White Wolf and comes from a distant land and comes from the book series and video game “The Witcher”. During the battle, he wields his two Dragon Swords, one of steel – for humans – and the other silver – for monsters, and uses School of Wolf’s fighting style. Mutants that have turned him into Witcher have also bestowed upon him magical “Marks”, which he can use in battle by using Igni to ignite the fire, Aard for remote explosions, Yrden to try. trap and familiarity to shield.

Soul Calibur 6 Geralt Strategy


As mentioned earlier, Geralt wields two swords, a Silver sword for monsters and a steel sword for humans. Most of the time, you will use the Steel Sword in the game but sometimes you will see the Silver Sword use.

In addition, he can also use markers to deal some extra damage.

Basic Attacks and Combos

The Cleaving Pirouette is a closer distance you can take by f, f + A, A or d / f, d / f + A, A or u / f, u / f + A, A. This is an Ideal move for players who want to stay on the defensive while dealing damage.

Alzur’s Double-Cross is an attack kill done by f, f + B, B that deals damage by two vertical attacks and takes down the opponent.

This is a great move to attract someone on the defensive. If you can make the move properly, Geralt will have enough time to land in some of the subsequent attacks.



Berserker Crush is a quick two-hit combo that can be performed with f + A, B. If your opponent blocks the attack, he/she will have very little time to punish.

You can use your low attack to try to break the block and make the next combo. This is an ideal attack for a follow-up combo as even an experienced player will have difficulty fighting it.

Kingsweeper can be performed with d / b + A, B. Very strong counterattack can deal a lot of damage but is easy to counterattack. It is a two-hit combo that starts with a low attack and follows with thrust.

Skelliger Uppercut is an attack that will toss your opponent with f + A, B. This will let Geralt go in with some good combos.

Geralt Sign Combos

Familiar Marks can be used with f + A + B and will provide a direct shield against any attack. This is the ideal defense against long-range attacks as it creates a cover for you to get closer to your opponents.

Aard Push creates a dynamic that pushes your opponent into the air. You can do it with u + A + B; This is an attack skill that will give you enough time to inflict some damage further.

Sweeping Aard Thrust is an attack similar to Aard Push but is more defensive. You can execute it with d / b + A, A.

Use the markers that require the Soul Gauge to regenerate over time. You can use markers for shield grab or as a combination starter.