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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Groh – Counters and Matchups


Groh is known as The Agent in Black and uses his unique Double Saber named the Aerondight Replica, in Aval’s style of double-sword fighting. In combat, Grøh uses a combination of sword and staff techniques to increase range and swing his sword, and can even teleport. When using Soul Charge, he can split his weapon into two different swords for faster and more precise attacks.

Soul Calibur 6 Groh Strategy


He is a brand new character in the franchise who has a variety of moves in his arsenal. He has a very good stance and a lot of what he does is based on it.

His quick attacks are quick and they can be used to prank enemies pretty easily. You can also combine his jabs and chain them together to easily take a good amount of HP from enemies without retaliation.

Let’s go ahead and look at his stance, strengths, and weaknesses to understand what situations Groh really outperforms the others.

Stance: Innocent Draw

You can join Innocent Draw by using B + K at the same time. That’s not all, as you have over 15 different conversions you can make to reach your stance. There are many ways to achieve your naive Drawing stance.

One of the most common ways you can try it is to hold F after your attacks. You can also repeat your posture during movement steps and enter your pose from crouching positions.

Soul Charge

Once you are in Soul Charge, you will have access to 3 different attacks that you can see through our SoulCalibur 6 Move List.


This is a character with a good range and great speed. You should use Groh at medium or close range and use it as combos as possible.

There are plenty of slot-poke opportunities and you are the most mobile character in the game when you have Soul Charge. He is quite powerful and works really well against defense-heavy characters.

Groh is pretty easy in the meta and you should use him as much as possible.


The main problem you have is that Block Punishment is not good enough and leaves you vulnerable to attack. Not only that, but your gameplay changes depend a lot on whether you can use your positions effectively or not.

Ultimately, the biggest problem you can run into is that once you move forward and miss your attacks, you’ll be pretty vulnerable, as your weaknesses will actually show up.

This is where any good player will be able to take advantage of you and you will suffer massive losses.

Groh Reversal Edge

  • Glory’s End: B+G
  • Glory’s End: B+G (Hold)
  • Destruction of Logres: After the reversal edge hits, A
  • Path to Avalon: After the reversal edge hits, B
  • Path to Avalon ~ Avenger: After the reversal edge hits, B Forward
  • Guinevere’s Indiscretion: After the reversal edge hits, K
  • Guard: After the reversal edge hits, G
  • Forward Step: After the reversal edge hits, Forward
  • Side Step: After the reversal edge hits, Down or Up
  • Back Step: After the  reversal edge hits, Back