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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Inferno – Counters and Matchups


Inferno is known as the Fire Hell of Despair and can wield anyone’s fighting style under his control – allowing him to mimic any moves. who’s on the list.

Thus, he is essentially a random fighter and can appear using the different boxer’s movements every time he faces an opponent – the only way to know his actions. What would it be like to find out what weapon he was using?

Soul Calibur 6 Inferno


Inferno is always a very mystical creature. First introduced as SoulEdge in the game Soul Blade, he has been the main antagonist of many Soul Calibur games.

It is said that he is the physical manifestation of Soul Edge itself. He can use the combat abilities of countless warriors throughout Soul Calibur history.

This character is the ultimate villain of all fighting games. He feels no pain and is therefore an unstoppable force that no one can even understand to stop.

Mysterious Style

He is a relatively unrecorded character, for the few who have seen Inferno and live to tell the story.

People who have actually witnessed him fight say that his fighting style is similar to that in Nightmare’s.

The difference between the two’s abilities is that he uses special abilities such as Vile Glare and Void Star.

Dazzling lowly

While Vile Glare, he automatically counterattacks any incoming mid-range or high-range attacks. You can activate Vile Glare with ⬇↘➡.

Tile Sting

By pressing the Kick button in the Vile Glare pose, you will be able to perform Vile Sting. Vile Sting is a low attack so you can use it to break through enemy defenses with ease. It is often used in combination with Primitive Blood.

Primitive blood

By pressing the Vertical Attack button in the Vile Glare pose, you will be able to perform Primordial Blood. Primordial Blood is a mid-range attack and is used to break through enemy defenses. You can use Vile String in conjunction with this skill.

Hell Vortex – Vile Glare

You can use a special technique called Hell Vortex Vile Glare with Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack + ➡. Doing so creates a very powerful combo that can leave the enemy stunned and unable to move properly.

Void Star

The Void Star is a special aerial location. You can use it to hit enemies while flying into the sky. You can activate this special stance by attacking upright + kicking.

Inferno Reversal Edge


Reversal Edge is a brand new tool included in this game, as an attempt to make it more novice-friendly. It works too – you can use it at any time, without a meter or any cooldown, and you start an interesting slow-motion window where you and your opponent both must choose one of eight moves to try and gain an edge over the other.

Starting Reversal Edge is easy: R1 on PS4, RB on Xbox One. You can also press heavy attack button plus guard to initiate it.

When you start it, Inferno will enter the Guard state. At this point, you and your opponent both need to choose one of eight moves to decide the outcome.