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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Ivy – Counters and Matchups


She is known as the Coiling Contempt and uses her iconic Snake Sword called the Ivy Blade, in a unique fighting style. Her unique whip-like sword could be used as a combination of short stab and slash or was not limited to a longer whip to maximize reach from unpredictable angles.

Soul Calibur 6 Ivy


She has her weapon called the Ivy Blade, which is a Snake Sword. She is very flexible and has made a few changes in the new game.

The main things that remain the same are the fact that many of the moves that were used a lot in previous iterations of the game remain the same for the most part.

Not only that, but she is still a character whose main strength lies in her being able to deal damage from afar.

The mid-range and long-range system she has allows her to fend off overly aggressive characters as she can flee and then use her weapons to damage them while they have to find a way. come close to you.


The main thing you can take advantage of while you’re playing as she is the fact that she has a great range.

There are some characters that can be against her and she can’t be used effectively against them, but her main aim in this game is to localize the enemy and then eventually breakthrough. them until they die.

Her block defense is quite good and can be used to stop enemies while you think about your next move.

Apart from this, you are usually very good at defending and shouldn’t have a lot of problems in that department. However, that’s when the balance comes in and gets tough.

You can view the entire Ivy Moves List by going to the link and experimenting with different commands to see which works best for you.


The main thing that happens when your character is a zoner is the fact that you normally cannot do damage. It’s a problem she has also encountered and you need to be extra careful when using her in the game.

Make sure to avoid rushing into the enemy even if you have an advantage as it can easily counterattack.

When it comes to dealing damage, it’s all about combos. It would be difficult to deal damage without being vigilant and choosing the right time and a little luck on your side.

If you’re wondering “How do I beat Ivy?”, The answer is her weaknesses mentioned before, close-range encounters.

Make sure you stay close to her if you really want to beat her. Get an important shot with automatic GI that they won’t be able to block.

Grab her and then walk sideways to avoid her high and medium-range attacks.

Ivy Costumes


She has four types of outfits known as colors.

  • Color 1 is a purple outfit with indigo mugs and matching boots with the Gold Plate.
  • Color 2 is unique when the outfit becomes red and the goblet becomes Yellow, giving her a much more aggressive appearance.
  • Color 3 makes the outfit here all white and her hair red.
  • Color 4 makes her long hair blond. Her outfit is cyan and her boots are now blue.


Although her primary weapon, the Ivy Blade, is very loyal to her master and works exceptionally well, she can also use the following weapons:

  • Proxy
  • Dream Blade
  • Alraune
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Viper Edge
  • Phoenix Tail