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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Kan-ra – Counters and Matchups


Kan-ra is a cursed witch from Ancient Babylon and is a new playable character introduced in Part Two of the Assassin Instinct (2013). Condemned by the King of Babylon that he betrayed to walk the Earth like a decomposing corpse, he seeks to get rid of his grief in any way he can find – and readily available Sieve her some to others along the way. He is the mortal enemy of Aganos, the goblin sent by his former master to hunt him down and destroy him.

Kan-ra Moveset


Sand Creation Normals

He uses HK to create Sand Traps. Sand Punt (HK) kicks into a cloud of dust, Sand Geyser (crawls HK) lifts a sand circuit that acts as an air obstruction and Dune (in air, HK) is a vertical dive kick that creates a Small sand wave on landfall.

Sand Trap Normals

He can attack from afar from any Sand Trap set. Anti-Air Sting (LK facing down) and Sting (MK facing down) create a scorpion tail that attacks at two different angles and inflicts a slow curse when hit.


He exploded on the spot and appeared wherever his Sand Trap was placed. This attack is completely impregnable. Sacrifices cannot cancel instinct when hit or blocked.


He creates a sand attack just below his opponent, leaving the Sand Trap. The button strength determines the direction an opponent is launched when hit. Shadow Spike creates a super-level Sand Trap below the opponent. This sand trap automatically attacks with scorpion attacks approximately every second if your opponent is near.


He breathes a swarm of grasshoppers hovering in place. The strength of the button determines the duration; Kan-Ra can have one swarm of each power on the screen at the same time.


He violently turned her body while moving forward. Withdraw your opponent. If standing on Sand Trap, Whirl will also send a tornado projectile across the screen, hitting opponents.


He extended her bandages outwards, trying to grab the opponent. The button strength determines the angle; The light touch is ground throw, medium and heavy is the aerial shot at two different angles.

Kan-ra Strengths

Kan-Ra is an outstanding character-based set. When his traps are carefully set and intelligent, he can become extremely difficult to reach, and very strong in terms of attack, forcing his opponents to face very difficult situations. towel, almost impossible. Despite being a powerful Zoner, he has excellent mobility on the ground and in the air, helping him sometimes escape corners and unpredictability.



If you can take him down or get past his zapping, he has extremely weak defenses. His only reversal had to destroy one of his existing traps and it also directly hurt Kan-Ra, both in terms of actual and potential damage. If he doesn’t have a trap, he can only avoid the pitches with Shadow Whirl, otherwise, he has to sit there and block the pressure that lasts for a long time.

His close attacks are a bit fat and his mid-range stats are a bit slow as well, meaning he can have a hard time punishing slight unsafe moves that make the opponent slightly push the opponent. away. Because of his weak defense and attack multiple layers, he is a character that is difficult to use up to his full potential.